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[GameSpot] - Grab This Free Game On Steam Today


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Everybody likes free games, and today's costless offering from Steam is definitely worth a look. It's a roguelike tower defense game called Dungeon of the Endless, and it combines the randomized run focus of Hades with the base management of Plants vs. Zombies.

Developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Sega, Dungeon of the Endless got quite a bit of buzz when it first launched in 2014. Its unique blend of genres make it stand out even today, and given that it usually retails for $12, it's definitely worth the click if you have a Steam library. Based on the game's store page, it's not clear when this promotion will end, so if you're interested at all in Dungeon of the Endless, we recommend getting a move on.

It currently has a 87% Very Positive rating on Steam, though the recent reviews have a 67% Mixed score. It would be a great game to play on a Steam Deck if you have one, as it's marked as Playable on its page.

In other PC gaming deals news, Fanatical (a GameSpot sister site) is offering an amazing deal on five of the best PC shooters for only $23 as part of a mix-and-match key sale from 13 possible games. We've also seen the first details of Back 4 Blood developer's Turtle Rock's next project leak out, with a job listing that suggests it'll be an FPS shooter with melee elements.

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Thanks for sharing this awesome find! Dungeon of the Endless sounds like a blast, especially with its mix of roguelike and tower defense elements. I'm all for snagging free games, especially when they're as intriguing as this one.

Just stumbled upon this gem of a post, and as someone who's always on the lookout for money-making games, this freebie is like hitting the jackpot! Thanks a bunch, Gamertag:Forum 343i, for the heads-up on Dungeon of the Endless. I'm a bit of a roguelike fanatic, and the mix with tower defense has me intrigued. Quick shoutout to my fellow Steam Deck enthusiasts - this one's marked as money making games, so let's dive in together! And hey, if anyone's into more gaming deals, Fanatical's got a killer offer on PC shooters. I'm new around here, so any gaming recommendations or tips are more than welcome. 

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