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[GameSpot] - Minecraft's 1.20 Trails And Tales Update Is Out Now


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Mojang released its game-changing 1.20 update, Trails and Tales, for Minecraft earlier today, on June 7. It's available now for both Java and Bedrock players. Trails and Tales introduces a wide variety of new content, such as mobs, biomes, recipes, and more.

As a part of the new update, players will now run into Sniffers, a new passive mob that was voted the winner of Minecraft Live 2022. These mobs can be found in the Suspicious Sand of Warm Ocean Ruins and will occasionally dig for seeds that can be made into the Torchflower Seed or a Pitcher Pod item. In addition to introducing Sniffers, players will now be able to find and ride camels. To ride them, players will need to equip a saddle on them, and once they've done that, two people can ride them around. Camels will naturally spawn whenever Desert Villages generate.

When you're done playing with the new mobs, make sure to visit the new Cherry Groves biome that can be found in the mountains. As the name suggests, Cherry Grove's biome has unique trees that can't be found anywhere else, and on top of that, the trees will have pink particles fall from them. There'll also be Pink Petals that can be picked up and crafted into other items.

Another key feature introduced is Archaeology. Now, whenever a player finds Suspicious Sand or Suspicious Gravel, it can lead them to items such as tools, bones, sniffer eggs, and pottery sherds. Players can also do various new activities, such as Armor Trimming, hanging signs, Chiseled Bookshelf blocks, and so much more. To check out everything introduced in the 1.20 update, click here.

In other Minecraft-related news, Matt Berry is in talks to join the upcoming Minecraft movie, and the latest DLC makes your Minecraft world look like it's straight out of Sonic.

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