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Halo 3 Health Bar or Halo: Reach Health Bar


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Halo Reach. 'Nuff said. Your argument is invalid.


No argument is invalid, especially if you read the whole thread. While I like Reach's system, it's not going to be that way in Halo 4. We've seen video of gameplay. And, like I said earlier, it would be a step back technologically in the halo universe. So no, the argument is not invalid.

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Erm...In Halo 3 and Reach you still tryed to kill your enemy even when your sheilds were down. But that had nothing to do with what I said...


No offence, but I didn't get to T.S and T.D 50 but trying to kill people when my shields were down... I'd only ever try and kill someone when my shields were down if my opponent had no shield and I was confident that I would win. Otherwise its just suicide.

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