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Fanfic Preview Video - Halo Project Umbra


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A video I threw together a while ago as a preview for my fanfic series. Uses screenshots from Halo games and drawings of my own:




forgive my crappy artwork. Also, if anyone wants me to post it here, just say so.

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lol thanks for the feedback! :D


Here's how it starts...



Chapter 1

Lost and Found



UNSC Starship Patriot: Presidential Class Combat Frigate

August 30th, 2555

11:00 HRS Local Time



Captain Robert Williams was standing on the bridge, watching Trice disappear on the rear view monitor. The New-Covenant covenant cruisers were devastating the coalition starships with new found firepower. Captain Satomi was frustrated. The Patriot was needed back there. Trice's forces were getting slaughtered, and they could turn the tide. But they were carrying a very important cargo back to Olympus colony: A maximum security class-1 stasis pod. Inside was a new weapon. Code named: The Umbra

"Sir, with all due respect, are we just going to leave Trice behind to be butchered..." A young lieutenant began.

"Trice is long gone, lieutenant. We never really stood a chance." The captain sighed. "All we can do now is to make sure that that pod in the hold arrives at Olympus colony intact."

"What's in that pod, anyway?" A crewman asked.

"That is not your concern." The captain said bluntly. Frankly, it wasn't even the captain's concern what was in that pod in the cargo hold. All he knew was that it was going to be unleashed and soon.

Little did he know, however, that the Umbra was going to perform beyond its creator's expectations. Much further than anyone anticipated...


New-Covenant Dreadnought Blood rain

11:50 HRS



General Kelto Rennfrause was content. The human's new weapon, dubbed, “the Dark One” was now theirs. The human forces were failing, and the planet they referred to as Trice was now theirs. The fools weren't even putting up a fight. And their most powerful battleship had turned tail! It was all too easy. This planet would soon be theirs. And the Dark One would be in their grasp.

"Tactical! What is the status of their defenses?" Kelto barked.

"Their fleet is falling apart, sir." The Tactician reported. "Planetary defense platforms have been eighty-seven percent destroyed. We currently have 5 carriers that have broken through their defenses, and are landing troops. It won't be long before we have control."

"Excellent." Kelto laughed. "It won't be long now...."


UNSC Starship Patriot

12:00 HRS


"Grelar, we can't just let this war continue!" Engineer Richard Friedman said. "And what about the project? I didn't originally intend to make him for this...”

"It's too late for that." Grelar Rennfrause, a defected new-covenant elite said. "His fate is sealed. He's a soldier now."

"Grelar has a point, Richard." Patrick Semore, the weapons specialist, added in. "You may have given him the ability to think for himself with that humanity chip you integrated into his brain, but no matter which way you look at it, he'll be forced to fight at one point or another. There's nothing else we can do."

"...Not true. I still need to give him the battle upgrade. If he has no choice but to be a soldier, I'll make sure he's a ******* good one."

The color drained from Grelar's face. "Have you lost your mind!? That's the worst thing you could do for him! He'd be considered nothing but a weapon of mass destruction!"

"I have to! If he has no choice but to fight, I don't want to leave him with slim odds of survival..."

"Friedman, you've lost it! That upgrade is designed to make him a killer! The power of that chip could corrupt his mind! You will doom us all if you give him that upgrade..."

"Then doomed we shall be!" Richard snapped. "This is MY decision! It's MY project! I will not leave him without the means to defend himself. If it will spell doom, then so be it." And he opened the stasis pod that contained the Umbra. Richard's mind was racing he inserted and soldered the data chip into the prototype's head. The final piece of its hardware. A combat and logistics chip, the Battle Chip. It was beyond anything that Richard had ever engineered. It gave the user enhanced strength and reflexes, along with boosting the capacity of the user's neural system, and allowing downloads of information and strategy to both the brain and separate memory drives, which the project had. In other words, this chip gave the user a cold, calculating battle logic, and strength that could match a Spartan II. Richard finished inserting the chip, and activated it. Richard then sadly stared at the pod as he got ready to shut it. The prototype was like a son to him. A son he would probably never see again.

"Be brave, Alpha." He said. "I hope we'll meet again."

Then, he turned around. Grelar held a charged Plasma Pistol in his face.

"Sorry, friend. I've been ordered to take the Umbra from you by any means necessary. May the prophets have pity on both our souls, Richard Friedman. I wish it didn't have to come to this, friend..." Grelar said. And with that, he pulled the trigger.

Richard didn't even have a chance to react as his skull was hit with 150 kilo-volts of charged plasma. Patrick Semore was shocked. But the shock then turned to flaming rage.

"You traitor! You damn snake in the grass, you planned this all from the start, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!" He stormed over to the pod, his finger aimed at the elite.

"I had no choice, Semore!" Grelar snarled. "They have a cloaked fleet near Sangheilios ready to burn the planet! If I did not do this for them, far more would be lost than just one life. Now stand aside."

"No!" Semore yelled. "You won't have the Umbra! YOU NEVER WILL!!" With that said, Semore slammed his fist down on a button on the wall. The pod then disappeared below deck, the floor sealing behind it.

"What did you do?!" Grelar demanded.

"The Umbra is being loaded into a long-range warhead casing with Slip space capabilities." Semore said with a glare. "Once loaded, the warhead will launch, with the pod inside, and automatically choose a set of random coordinates and make the jump. No ships will be able to catch it, not even the fastest New-Covenant cruisers! Nor will you be able to track it, as it has a jamming device fitted to it, so you won't even be able to project it's course. Security has also been notified, and they'll be storming this bay any moment. You, nor you precious 'prophets' will have the Umbra. No one will."

With that said, the false warhead was launched. All Grelar could do was watch and yell in fury as it cleared the ship and made the jump. His chance at salvation was gone.


Outskirts of Athena City

Planet Reploidia Prime, Shadow Centari system

02:00 HRS Local Time local time

Six Weeks after Trice evacuation


During this time, the Reploids known as X, Zero, and Axl were on recon patrol. To Axl, it was just another boring day.

"Man, this recon mission sucks gears!" Axl said after a while of cruising through a vast desert on their Ride Chasers. "Nothing but dirt, dirt, and more dirt! Give or take the brush and an occasional tree and river!"

"I know this mission may seem dull, Axl," Zero said. "But we still don't know the planet that well. We need to get to know the planet better in order to know what to expect during expansion, that's why we're doing this, plus we're not alone: R-Sec has sent out hundreds of scout and survey teams. Trust me, this will pay off in the long run..."

Axl then saw some sort of comet flying though the atmosphere.

“X, what the hell is that?” They all looked to the comet. No, wait! It was some sort of warhead! Heading straight for Athena city! The capital! X and Axl clearly had seen it. They Immediately gunned their Ride Chasers back to the city of Athena, but by the time they got to the city limits, the missile had already crashed, but there was no detonation as they expected. As they stopped at the crash site in the center of the city, they saw the wrecked missile. Surprisingly, it was still intact! And there were no casualties, unless you count the stunned locals and a stasis pod, which had been thrown out in the landing and split open, throwing the occupant several yards. The occupant had suffered what looked like a concussion. He also had serious friction burns, along with cracked and scarred armor. Zero then knew, despite the pilot's appearance, was a biological life-form, and needed medical attention.

"X, get medics and backup over here now! Axl, hurry and get me the the first-aid kit and med-bots from my ride chaser!"

And they did exactly that.



Pi Sentinents Medical Center

02:30 HRS Local Time



"Amazing!" Leviathan said as she, Douglas, and Lifesaver treated and examined the occupant of the crash. They were in a Reploid recovery facility. "His armor is made from a polymer compound alloy that allows it to regenerate and rebuild itself via nanites when damaged, not to mention reflect concentrated energy! Add that to the fact that he has a nano-probe med system, internal CPU and memory expansions, it makes it simply amazing!"

"Indeed. His biology makeup and altered anatomy is fascinating..." Lifesaver admitted, as he treated the young survivor's severe friction burns.

"Is he gonna be OK?" X asked, concerned.

"Of course!" Leviathan said. "Just because we're not on Earth anymore doesn't mean we don't know how to treat human injuries and illness..."

Just as these words left his mouth, the pilot began to strain, trying forcing himself to sit up! X immediately rushed forward.

"Sit down, it's OK.." X said. "You're going to be OK" He gently eased the pilot back down onto his back again. The pilot then opened his deep emerald-green eyes. He looked at X.

"...Who are you?" He finally asked.

"I believe we should be the ones asking that question, kid." Steel Massimo, the Reploid Security force Chief said said, stepping forward with Fefnir. "You crash-landed in the center of our city in a fake missile,"

"So the question is not who we are, but who you are." Fefnir finished. The injured pilot looked confused. There was what seemed like an eternal silence.

"...I don't know." He finally said, looking at the ceiling. "It's all a blur. I can't remember..."

"Not even who you are? Or how you got here, or why you're here?" X asked.

"No..." The pilot answered.

"He did suffer a concussion." Lifesaver added. "Maybe he has amnesia. His memory drives could have been damaged as well."

"That seems to be the case..." Supreme Admiral Signas said as he walked in with Vice-Admiral Harpuya. "X, Zero, Axl. We're going to need to talk for a minute. Outside."



"So basically, you want us to teach him the fundamentals of our civilization, train him to be a Planet Security officer, and help him recover his memory." X asked.

"You've got to be kidding." Zero said. "We have to babysit?!"

"Sorry, Zero, but this is no joke." Harpuya said. "This kid's going to need all the help he can get recovering and getting accustomed to our world. And who better to teach him then the best?"

"He has a good point there, Zero." Axl said. "After all, we are the best hunters and security officers since, well... ever."

"We'll accept." X said. "We'll teach him everything we know."

"Good." The Admiral said, walking away. "You may start now."

"Yes, sir." They then walked back into the pilot's room. Zero was about to make a comment, but he was interrupted.

"Guys! You're not going to believe what we've found!" Douglas said, jarring everybody.

"What is it?" Axl asked. Douglas and Lifesaver then showed them the pilot's right hand. There was a bar code tattooed on it, along with a series of numbers and what looked like a possible name. X read it.





UNSC Project: Umbra


UNIT 001-A




"Alpha. Hmm... What do you think? Is that a good name for now?" X asked.

"Alpha..." The pilot looked up at the ceiling again. "...Yes, I like that name. It sounds familiar." He smiled weakly.

Unknown to the amnesia-stricken Umbra, it was his actual name. And this was a fact he wouldn't know until Five years later. Five years later when he would not only cross paths again with the rescued Spartan-II Master Chief, but with the rogue Sangheili liberator known as the Arbiter, as well as the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper known as Rookie...


UNSC Starship Patriot

Orbit of Reploidia Prime

July 5, 2560 (five years later)

15:00 HRS Local Time



Master Chief and Rookie were standing on the bridge of the Patriot, watching as the planet known as Reploidia Prime came into view. They were receiving some sort of homing beacon. They assumed it was the missile pod that contained the Umbra. What it actually was, however, was unknown.

"We're holding position, sir," The helmsman reported. "Synchronized with the dark side of the planet."

"So, do you know why we're here chief?" Cortana asked, appearing in the ships holosystem.

"I know it has something to do with the Umbra project." He answered.

"That's right." Captain Willams said. "The UNSC believes that the unit is on this planet. It is know by the locals as Reploidia Prime. A race of living robots, known as Reploids, colonized it after they were forced to leave earth due to the human overpopulation and out of control 'Maverick' attacks. We're going to have you take a drop ship down, and see if you can find him. Your drop ship is waiting in the launching bay." The two soldiers gave the captain a nod, and went down to the launching bay.



"We're approaching the Planet's surface..." The pilot said. Master Chief watched as the ground came into view. All of a sudden, the drop ship shook and rolled violenty.

"SIR! TWO BANSHEES FOLLOWED US! THEY SHOT OFF OUR STABILIZERS!" They braced themselves for the crash. It came a lot sooner than they expected, as Rookie was thrown right into Master Chief as he hit the far wall.

"Dammit!" Rookie blurted out loud, holding a sore shoulder. "You OK, Chief?" He asked.

"We're fine." He heard Cortana respond. "Takes a lot more than that to get a Spartan."

"...Noted." Rookie said. He went to check on the pilot. He was dead. Master Chief then opened the exit door. Both of them grabbed their weapons and walked outside. The Banshees had landed, along with a Phantom-class landing craft. The landing craft was full of Brutes and Elites, including the infamous General Renfrasse.

"Surrender!" Renfrasse yelled. The soldiers instead, took aim.

"Death first!" They said, and fired. The squad of elites, brutes, and hunters fired back. Master Chief and Rookie tried to dodge, but to no avail. About half the shots fired hit them, including a fuel rod blast that hit Master Chief head on. The Chief eventually ended up on his back, critically injured. Renfrasse stepped forward, planting his foot on the Chief's chest as Rookie was restrained by two brutes.

"Then death it is, Demon. We would have spared your ally if you'd surrendered, but if this is what you want..." He drew his plasma sword, getting ready to slash and hack the Chief to his death.

"NO!!!" Rookie yelled. It was later followed by several energy blasts and laser bursts hitting Renfrasse and the brutes, setting Rookie free. He and Chief were dumbstruck by who fired those shots.

His vision was blurry, but it looked like Alpha! And five Reploids with him! Alpha was armed with a soft-nose dual-barrel beam pistol, and what looked like an electricity projector on his belt. The first Reploid had armor colored a cold blue. He was standing to Alpha's right; his left cybernetic arm had changed into an energy cannon. The second one on his left, was holding two energy pistols, and had an armor color scheme mainly of black and red. He had red hair that went to his shoulders. The final Reploid, also on his left, had armor crimson red, with long locks of blonde hair that practically went to his knees. He was also armed with a plasma saber that was probably a cousin of the elite’s plasma swords.

"...What force dares defy the will of the New-Covenant?!" Renfrasse demanded, getting back up.

"This force, chinless *******!" The red Reploid rushed Renfrasse at amazing speed using his jets, as they locked their blades. Alpha then swiftly swept by Rookie's captives with his jets, hitting them with several well-aimed shots right in their eyes. The black Reploid targeted the rest of the hostiles, joined by the blue one, picking them off with the fire of their weapons, and martial arts. Then a Grey one, and several more Reploids rushed forward. They however, headed for the chief, as did Rookie. The first had a color scheme of green and tan. He also had goggles. The second had a scheme of mainly white, with occasional green stripes, a strong build, and the hands of a surgeon.

"Hey! You OK?" The green one asked as the blue one laid down covering fire. All the chief could do was moan, unable to hold onto consciousness, as the darkness enveloped him. Rookie and X watched as the gold-green armored soldier lost conciseness. "He's injured badly! He won't survive long without medical help!"

"Guys! We need escort back to the transport!" Douglas radioed Alpha and the others. Zero then gave Renfrasse a cold stare as General Renfrasse lay on the ground. He slashed a scar on his eye with his saber.

"You got lucky today. I'll be back, and next time, I'll leave a lot more than just a simple scar! You'd better get whatever other troops you have here and leave! This planet is now out of bounds!" Zero said through bared teeth. Axl then finished picking off the last brute.

"Sweet! Excellent teamwork, X!" Axl laughed. Alpha then fried the fuel rod guns the final two hunters had with his electricity projector. They were clearly disabled after that.

"I suggest you run..." Alpha held up his soft-nose pistol with a cold expression. The hunters were stunned, but they had no intention of retreating.

"Suit yourself." Alpha shrugged his shoulders. He then barraged them with his sidearm, knocking them to the ground with holes in their armor.

"All, right, we're done here." He said. "Let's fall back." They formed a tight circle around Douglas and Lifesaver, as they got the solider back to the transport. They hopped on, and rushed back to Athena city, leaving nothing but cold injured New-Covenant soldiers and an enraged Renfrasse behind.


Pi Sentinents Medical Center, Athena City

Reploidia Prime

16:00 HRS Local Time


"What's his condition?" Harpuya asked.

"He's stable for now." Douglas said. "He's been hit by a lot of plasma blasts and what looks like solid rounds. He lost consciousness when we got to him."

"He will live, though." Lifesaver finished.

"Good." Admiral said. "Because according to Leviathan's report, when Alpha saw them when he was on the transport, he had another one of his flashbacks. Keep me informed."

"Aye, Admiral." They said. The Admiral walked off.


Three hours after landing...



Master Chief opened his eyes. His vision was blurred, but he knew his helmet and left arm armor was gone, replaced by a sling.

"You're awake." A voice said. Master Chief then began to sit up.

"No!" Someone tried to hold the Chief down. "You're still recovering from the battle..."

The Chief then grabbed the hands that tried to suppress him.

"Get... Off me!" He forced the hands off of him, and finished sitting up. It hurt, but the Master Chief knew pain all too well,

and had grown used to it. His vision cleared. He was in some sort of hospital room. Rookie was already up, another doctor tending to his injuries and wounds. The Reploid with the goggles and the one with the big arms, who was clearly a doctor, were there. The Reploid with the goggles then pressed a button on his headset as he stood up.

"Captain Massimo! Admiral Harpuya! he's awake!" He said. The door then opened. Chief could immediately tell it was Massimo and Harpuya. Massimo's armor resembled that of a dragon, with green and tan colors. Harpuya's armor was green and white, lightweight, and parts of it looks sharp enough to cut flesh.

"Admiral, He forced himself up, sir..." The Doctor said.

"It's alright, Lifesaver." He said as the blue Reploid walked in behind him. "He seemed a lot stronger than he looked, and he is."

"So what if I am?" Chief said in a demanding tone. "And where's my helmet?"

Massimo pointed over to the table that was next to the bed he was on. His helmet was there.

"Now, if you don't mind, I have some questions." Harpuya asked as the Chief put his helmet and arm armor back on. "We know you have a star ship up in orbit. Speaking for the Outer Rim Colonial Alliance, I'll ask you two simple questions: What are you doing here, and who are your 'friends' that followed you down?"

"First, we aren't exactly 'friends' with the New-Covenant. And second, why I'm here is none of your damn business..."

"It's definitely our damn business as long as you're on this damn planet!" Captain Massimo roared, clearly angry. "For all we know, you could endanger the entire population of this world, and we won't stand by and let you! Now quit avoiding the point and tell us what you're doing here, or so help me god I'll personally load both of you into one of our torpedo launchers and blow you sky-high!"

The Chief laughed in a smug way. "Then do it." He said. "Then you'll never find out why we're here."

Chief and the Admiral then heard something in the hall.

“Hey! Get back here, Alpha!"

It was at this point that Alpha ran into the room, with the other Reploids he was with earlier. He walked up to the Chief. They were eye to eye. Chief braced himself, ready to welcome any physical blow from Alpha, Rookie ready to intercept any. But then they realized that Alpha had no intentions of harm. There was no trace of it in his eyes. He only saw the now 8-year old, fully grown soldier filled with curiosity. He also noted that Alpha had grown since they saw each other last. Last time he saw Alpha, he was half a foot shorter. Now, he was at chest-level with him, and he had let his dirty-brown hair grow out several inches. His armor had also been refitted with some Repoidian technology. This was a completely different Alpha then the one he saw five years ago when he first emerged from his tank.

"What are you looking at?" The Chief asked. Silence. Finally, the Chief spoke up again.

"Are you deaf? What do you want?"

Alpha then backed up.

"...Do you know who I am?" Alpha asked.

"What?!" This clearly caught the UNSC soldiers off-guard.

"Take him out, X." The Admiral sighed.

"No." The Chief said. "Don't take him out. He's right. We do know who he is." He walked up to Alpha, who then looked at him eye to eye once again.

"You know who I am? Who I really am, and what this means?" He showed the Chief the bar code on his hand.

"Yes. Your name is Alpha. You were part of a defensive weapon project designed to protect Earth, dubbed, 'Project: Umbra,' Headed by Dr. Richard Freidman. The bar code is to make sure we know who you are."

Alpha was dumbstruck, completely shocked! He had been found!




PS: Sorry if any words are spelled incorrectly...

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Chapter 2

Fall of General Renfrasse



Covenant Dreadnought Bloodrain

Orbit of Reploidia Prime

22:00 HRS Local Time


General Renfrasse's dreadnought, Bloodrain, had been orbiting the opposite side of Reploidia Prime, so they wouldn't be detected. As Renfrasse sat in the captain's chair, he gritted his teeth. He had brought an entire strike force, so he could capture the Umbra, whom was known by the humans and Reploids as "Alpha". He wasn't about to let Alpha get away, Whether he wanted to join the New-Covenant or not. Renfrasse wasn't leaving empty handed. Alpha was coming with them, alive or not.

"Contact the fleet. Tell them to prepare. If I don't contact you in two hours, start the invasion, and release Shadow and Epsilon." He ordered, getting out of his chair.

"Yes, Renfrasse." An officer at the helm said, relaying the orders to the fleet fast approaching.



Pi Sentinents Medical Center


July 6th, 2561

05:00 HRS Local Time



Meanwhile, Alpha was sitting across from Master Chief in his hospital room, as he explained the prototype's design to the best of his ability as he put his left armor back on.

"So, I was created to spy? And to strike without warning? With extreme agility?" Alpha asked the Chief.

"Exactly. You were designed to be an agile, stealthy soldier and an intelligent agent with no equal." The Chief answered. "That's why you have so many advancements."

"Like his stealth field, or Cloak?" Axl asked.

"He has much more equipment than that." Rookie said, starting to point out Alpha's various features. "Automated Virtualizing Item Storage System, or AVISS, Multi-Mode Sensor eyepiece, self-repairing MIRAGE-II armor with regenerating energy shields, R-550 Flight Pack with boot-mounted thrusters, quick-boost thrusters on his shoulders and Doppelganger-Tech, an appearance and voice-altering disguise system. Fools even the most advanced sensors and scanners."

"Wow!" Axl said. "So that's why he can copy people! Cool!"

"Seems like you built and programmed him to be ready for whatever is thrown at him." Zero added.

"He needs to be ready for whatever is thrown at him, since the New-Covenant has risen." Chief responded.

"New-Covenant?" X Asked, confused. "The only Covenant I've heard of is the one that tried to activate the Halo rings..."

"Well, some of the old Covenant leaders and council members have banded together, and amassed a powerful army, comprised of Brutes, Hunters, Jackals, Drones, Grunts, and even a good amount of Elites. They've sworn to completely exterminate us at any costs, as vengeance for the original prophets."

"That explains your tailgaters to the surface." Zero said. "Alpha, you take Rookie and Master Chief up to the roof for a while. Me, X, and Axl need to contact headquarters and ORCA, so they relay this information to to the admiralty. We'll come get you when we're done."




Alpha, Rookie, and the Chief were on the roof, observing the flying vehicles, monorails and skyscrapers that crisscrossed the horizon. Athena city was an engineering masterpiece, as it was the main city on the planet, with a population of about 1 billion residents. It was also the main research center on the planet, as the Reploids had invented many things here.

"..And that building over there is Planet Security HQ." Alpha pointed out. "Place has twenty-five main training facilities, and can house over 975,000 personnel. It currently houses 760,000. Its detainee hold is designed to hold as much as half of the population of the city."

"Impressive. The Reploids have done well for themselves.." The Chief said. There was a silence as they both observed the skyline, as the sun began to set.

"So, who are you?" Alpha asked. "I don't know your names."

"Just call me Master Chief, and that's Rookie."

"Well, I just wanted to say, thanks. Thanks for helping me. And, sorry about the outburst..."

"It's alright. Just forget about it. It's in the past. Who are those Reploids that follow you around?"

"Oh, those are my friends, X, Zero, and Axl. They were the top 3 S-Class Maverick Hunters on earth. Now they work for Reploidia Security, or R-Sec. They're also our liaisons for ORCA.."

"Mm-hmm. So how did you fall into this picture?" Rookie asked.

"Well, they say they found me in some sort of missile casing that crash landed here. As a matter of fact, I crash landed less than several hundred meters from HQ, according to them. Back then, I didn't even remember who I was, but they've cleared many things up, helping me understand who I am, just as you ha-"

He was interrupted by two plasma blasts that went straight past them. They immediately whirled around to see something declocking! It was Renfrasse, the Elite!

"Greetings, Alpha." Renfrasse said, with a sinister smile. "Thank the prophets we've finally found you. But what are you doing with the enemy?"

"Quit trying to confuse him!" Master Chief and Rookie drew handguns from hidden armor compartments. "You're his enemy!"

“X! we got a code 99 on the roof! Get up here!” Alpha shouted over his radio.




X rushed up to the roof as he heard Alpha on the radio, followed by Zero and Axl. They were clearly surprised to see an Elite and the two humans aiming for one another! Alpha was unarmed, but hadn't been shot. Yet.

"What's going on here?!" Zero demanded.

"I'm simply taking back something that was stolen from the New-Covenant!" Renfrasse snapped.

"Yeah, something that never was yours in the first place!" Rookie snapped back.

"Really?" Renfrasse laughed. "And how do you know that for a fact, Human?"

"Because we created him! And he's definitely not going to join a ******* like you!" The Chief said through clenched teeth. Renfrasse then rolled a studded grenade past Chief and Rookie, the explosive stopping right at Alpha's feet.

"Then he has to die, does he not?"

Everything that happened then seemed to go in slow motion. X hurled himself into the line of fire, throwing Alpha away from the blast, taking it with his own body. X slid across the roof, stopping several feet from the edge. Zero then slashed Renfrasse in the back with his saber, while Axl drew his laser pistols, aiming at the chief, with a "move-and-die" look, clearly telling the Chief and Rookie to drop their weapons. They did. Alpha was OK, but X was not. The blast had disabled his motor relays, so that all he could do was talk. He was helpless.

"X!" Alpha ran over to the Reploid and began to shake the his damaged, lifeless body. "X! Say something! Somebody get Lifesaver, now!"

"I'm on it." Axl radioed Douglas and Lifesaver. X’s systems began to go into hibernation mode. Renfrasse then got on his knee and aimed his plasma rifle again, firing at Alpha. Alpha immediately on instinct quick thrusted out of the way, drawing his Softnose Pistol from his AVISS system. He fired a rapid barrage of shots, knocking Renfrasse to the ground leaving holes in his armor.

"People like you never learn." Alpha said, holstering his sidearm. "Axl, take this guy back to base. Throw him into maximum security,"

"But what about them?" Axl pointed to Master Chief and Rookie.

"Don't worry. They're with me. If they do anything, I'll be responsible for them."

"Fool..." Renfrasse laughed. "You've doomed this planet, Alpha..."

"And just what do you mean by that?" Alpha snarled.

"Let's just say... You're running out of time..." Renfrasse said, coughing up blood. He then went limp as he lay on the roof. He was dead.




Reploidia Prime - Planet Security HQ

Two Hours later...


Alpha was now clearly troubled, as he was in HQ's control room. What did Renfrasse mean when he said 'you're running out of time?' The words echoed in his head like a good song does to a music fanatic.

"Zero?" He asked.

"Yes?" he looked up from a holodisplay of Athena city.

"What do you think Renfrasse meant by 'you're running out of time'..."

"...I don't know, but it can't be good. "

"That's what I was afraid of. I have a bad feeling about this. I hope you contacted ORCA, and that they send reinforcements."

“For what?”

“It's just a feeling. I hope to god It's wrong...” Alpha then walked out of the control room, and up to HQ's roof.





Covenant Dreadnought Bloodrain

0900 HRS Local Time


The commanding brute on Bloodrain was growing impatient. Renfrasse was overdue.

"Raise the fleet. Tell them to ready the attack. Contact the Main Hold and tell them they are ordered to release Shadow and Epsilon." The commander finally said. "It's time. They shall suffer our wrath... "

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