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Mr Biggles

Big #9 "Biggles Style" Asylum, Armor Loadouts, WHY TO BREAK!

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Entry #9, Where i teach you how to become a better halo player, cause that is what we all want, to improve, to become the best! :D


1. Asylum - Workthrough


Im going to give a workthrough of Asylum, & how to prosper properly and the easiest way to get kills.


so, obviously we have the starting points here





If you want sniper, you go across Red Turret (Jet Pack in MLG) and get the sniper, if you want to go through rocks and go up carbine, you go across Red DMR, if you just want to go straight through to the middle, you just go down red ramp, i'd recommend 2 go red DMR and 2 go Red turret, but only 1 picks up sniper, because, then you can 2 people at each sides, and 1 person will have power weapons, so he should be able to save his teammates with his sniper, i will only go over the important parts, not stuff like carbine, i may make a separate post, but if i go over EVERY thing, then most of this entry will be just this, so i will go over 2 things.


This place is arguably the most important:





You HAVE to keep control of the middle (Ring), because, it is the central place, and you can control where they spawn and you can put shots in them no matter where they spawn, because, spawns are always exposed near the middle, and, you can at least get shots for your teammate to clear up on the enemies, so, they are guaranteed kills if you can mostly keep ring 2, ring 1 isn't so important, since, if you have ring 2, you can shoot down, this also applies to ring 3, where you can shoot up, plus you can go to carbine (platforms on the left) and shoot them there.


The Rings are arguably the most important because it is central control, if you can control it succesfully, you can EASILY win the game.


i may make a part 2 for this with the rest, but, for now, this is it and all you need to know to win a game in team slayer or any playlist for that matter, just, keep control of the middle and move around the carbines.



2. How to use Sprint / Evade Effectively


Sprint / Evade are arguably the 2 best AL's in the game, and im gonna teach you how to use them effectively.




You can use sprint for basically anything, and, it is really effective for chasing players, because, they will most likely use their sprint to run away, if you wait a bit longer and don't use sprint for chasing them, and then sprint when you are like, a metre ahead of them when they sprinted, then you sprint, you should be able to catch him easily and pick up the easy kill, since most people run away because they have no shields, also, sprint is efficent because you can catch up with ANYONE, even if they are like way ahead of you, if you use sprint, you can, for example, catch up to the flag guy and kill him easily. Sprint is arguably the best AL, because, it can do so much, it can make you jump further, scare other players into thinking your going to push into him, and get you out of really hard situations.





Out of all of them, i love evade, evade for me, is the Best AL, because, it is so overpowered, you can evade out of a DMR battle, evade back, and win the battle, because he won't be expecting it, also, you can get out of ANY situation like sprint, but can actully fully get out of it if done correctly, and they won't be able to chase you because you will be so far ahead.


Also, rockets + evade = Godly because you can kill ANYONE with Rockets + Evade, because you can get close enough, rocket, evade back, health, evade forward, rocket, you get me?


And lets be serious, who wouldn't want to use evade for this?





3. Breaks During Halo


Now i know, there are obvious answers for doing this (Eyesight, Tiredness etc), but, even if your none of them, just do it anyway, because, i notice when i don't take a break, my gameplay begins to get worse and worse, as such, i can get so mad with myself, then, just take 10 minutes to cool off, perhaps read a book, do some homework / coursework, go and get a drink, just stay away from games, because, you will just get more mad until you will do something stupid and will then regret it, i get, so mad with starcraft sometimes, because, i know i should be improving, but, i just need 10 minutes, them im ok and im ready to game again, and that's how it should be.

Even if you don't get mad over it, just take a break anyway, because, in some way, you will be mad regardless and it will show in little forms, taking a break is always good since it calms your mind and calms you down in general, it lets the chemicals go away so you won't do anything drastic, because, that's all anger is. Chemicals. let them go back down, then go back to playing, i guess you can say this for anything, IE, if you're a football player, play for a bit, break, play for a bit, break, it doesn't just happen in gaming guys, it happens in EVERY sport all of the time.



4. Age / Maturity affecting Gameplay?


now i know, this may sound pretty weird or pretty obvious, but im going to explain it anyway.


Imagine, been a 9 year old kid, just, enjoying the game, and just playing it for fun, and just wanting to get kills, he will simply, just charge in, he may get 1 kill or 2 kills, but then he will just die, since he wouldn't pull back to wait for his teammates, and he would just get teamed.


Now, imagine been a 16 year old kid, again, enjoying the game, but wanting to improve, and obviously wanting to get kills. he will also charge in, but not as much, he gives himself room so he can pull back, he may again, get 1 or 2 kills, but he may realise that he has low health, so he pulls back and gets his teammates' support and regains his health.


Two different stories, two different ages, why? well, as you can see. The older and more mature you can get, you begin to see the game in different perspectives, not just from a "Good Multiplayer, play for fun" to practically the same, but you also will want to improve at the same time. This leads to you seeing things that younger people don't, because, they are simply not looking for them, as i said, the 16 year old didn't push up as much, so, he had room to run away, the 9 year old didn't, because he just wanted to get in the other players' base and get kills, so, he got himself in a death trap, the older boy got the same amount of kills, but also lived, which is the most important. Life > Everything in halo, and IRL too.


Everyone wants the same thing, to get kills and have fun, but, the older you get, the more you want to get better, so you look for things other people wouldn't, try to pull them off successfully, and, keep repeating, unlike the younger, who, as i said in the start, enjoy it, and just want to get kills.



5. Team of 4? Or just been by yourself?


There are many reasons for both of these, i will list them here.


Team of 4


1. Play with friends, much more fun.

2. Doin't get people who may not be as good as you.

3. Can have a laugh with your friends while playing

4. Can keep their momentum up and they all react to that, making you play better.

5. Seem much more scary being a team of 4 then a single person.



By Yourself:


1. Could meet new people who could then be future TO4 with you. (TO4 = Team of 4)

2. Learn things from other random players you wouldn't from your friends

3. Try new things as your not with friends so you don't have to play a specific role

4. Again, have a laugh

5. Not such an urge to impress as you would with your friends.



Now, i know most people would say (Team of 4 obviously, i want to play with my friends and enjoy it, but no, that's not always true, they both bring different things to the table, hence, why you have to play with a TO4, and by yourself, since, you can get the most out of both, and become a much better player as you will learn both things from playing both sides of the team format, i always play both, so i can get a good idea.


I hope you enjoyed this entry, and i hope you enjoy entry #10


Entry 10:


SPECIAL: My life of halo up to this point, how i began, learnt, and improved up to this point. (2001 - 2011)



Hope you enjoy it!

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I agree, evade is one of my favourite armour abilities. It's also faster than sprint when it comes to distance as well. The thing with the age... Were you trying to tell us that we should be more mature to be better at a game? Now, this isn't always the case but I just thought of it as a little bit weird. I enjoy being by myself because most of the time, I don't have any friends to play Halo with. (Except Brony, hehe.) But yes, I do like being with my friends as well.


And nice job for #9. :thumbsup:

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no, im just saying that with age you spot things in other players and yourself which younger people might not.

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no, im just saying that with age you spot things in other players and yourself which younger people might not.


Ah, I see now. Okay, well, whatever age you are, as long as they're not some loud annoying person, I wouldn't care.

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I do take breaks like religion, unless i'm caught up with some party combination that leads elsewhere. About 45 minutes or 3 to 4 games is the max i like to push, then taking a 10 to 30 min break which also helps the brain process what it has learned into practice.

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