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Mr Biggles

Big #7 "Biggles Style" Weapons, Grenades, EXPLOSIONS! CHANCE FOR Q & A IN ENTRY 8!

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Welcome to another entry of BABHP, where, i will try and teach you how to become a better player, whether you are just beginning, or a veteran who wants to try and pick up some easy tips, i hope i can supply, and enjoy another entry of BABHP.


1. Choice of Weapons for Different Situations


Now this may seem really obvious as you obviously won't use a sniper as a shotgun and a shotgun as a sniper, it just doesn't happen, but, im basically gonna talk about what to use on different size maps.


For BIG maps, there will nearly always be a sniper on the map, pick that up, and use a DMR, as a DMR has a scope, so it can act as a long range weapon too, a bit like sniper, apart from not as much bullet power, and obviously use a sniper because...well, its a sniper for a long range map, its really obvious why.


For Mid Sized maps, use a DMR, and a sniper or rockets, Use sniper because if you can get back to your own base with it and get a height advantage on other players, then a sniper is so effective since you can snipe them down (Hehe Snipedown) from your own base and pick up easy kills, and you have height so they shouldn't be able to put that many shots in you so can kill them easily.

Rockets for if you like getting up close and personal and like getting easy kills, they work on a mid sized map because there's only so many places they can run (IE Caged) and you will catch them, hopefully before you get assassinated, and you use DMR because its such a good weapon to have on any map, and get you out of situations where you could easily lose with sniper or rockets (Long range Rockets, Close Range Sniper)


For Small Maps, Rockets and DMR easily, Rockets because its REALLY easy kills because you can see them before they see you, and they can't run anyway since it is a small map, it should be an easy kill, DMR for the same reason as above.

If a sniper is on a small map, just run and try and pick easy kills if they don't see you.


I know, i know, i only used 3 weapons for different maps, but, they're the only 3 you should really worry about as they will be on the map, at least one of the 3 should be on, since, Power weapons are always good.


2. Grenades - How To Use Properly


You won't believe the amount of people i see who think they are good with grenades, and do an absolute terrible job with them, so, im going to explain how to use them.


DON'T THROW RANDOM GRENADES! oh my god, if you do this, i will scream, you don't do this because its obviously a wasted grenade, and arguably, more important, you begin to attract attention to yourself, which, in turn, enemies always turn the direction of a grenade to see if they can pick up an easy kill, and, you've obviously drawn attention to yourself, so, expect to die unless you can get to cover.


Instead, if you see a player, try and predict his movements and throw a grenade a bit in front of them, this will take off their health, and its an easy kill for you, and they will wonder where that grenade came from, and you can say your a boss,

Ok, if you don't understand, here's an example, guy running forward then runs right in a door, you a bit outside that door, chuck a grenade ahead of the door, he will run into it, and you can DMR him easily for an easy kill.


If a player is going round a corner, also, chuck a grenade around the corner, you may take health off him, but you may also scare him off and make him do something stupid and run straight into your or your teammate's line of fire, and obviously, a kill in any situation is always good, and this is no exception.


The most difficult situation is where you are being shot and you don't know what to do, what you should do is run off, turn a corner, throw a grenade at your feet, keep running, by then he should of kept running after you if he is a chaser, and he will be damaged, so then you can turn around and DMR him since he will be in shock about the grenade (Very dramatic, but true) and you can again, pick up an easy kill and be a better player as you have learned how to do it.


Also, if someone chucks a grenade at you, DO NOT RUN BACKWARDS, because, most likely, the grenades will be behind you, and if you run backwards, you will run back into the grenade and give them a kill, so always if you hear a grenade, RUN FORWARD to avoid it.


Hopefully these tips will give a few people who are struggling how to use grenades, a better idea on what to do.


3. How To Use Vehicles (Warthog/Wraith) Effectively


Now im gonna be honest, i never use Vehicles, ever, because, to me, they are pretty pointless and i don't need them, i just need my DMR and sniper, but, im gonna try and give tips on how to use it well.


I will talk about this from a BTB situation, so the first thing you should do is simply drive around the map, not being stupid,and your gunner (Presuming Warthog / Wraith) should be picking up kills with his turret while if you're in a wraith, you shoot at their base to try and kill them in spawns. after this has happened, if you're in a warthog or in a wraith, move straight into their base, because, there is only so many places the enemy spawn, if you're all over their base, you can just keep killing them off their spawn and get really high killstreaks (Easy Killionaire) and get really positive stats and be a boss.


If you are damaged, switch vehicles, don't stay in the vehicle and wait to die, drive back to your base and destroy your warthog, so a new Warthog or wraith will spawn, pick it up and keep driving, also, have a passenger who can just put additional shots in people and get kills / assists, especially if they have a sniper.


As i said, i have a limited knowledge of vehicles, and to be honest, this is all i really know.


4. Spamming or Pacing?


This is one of the biggest arguments ive seen in halo, because, its so silly.


If you are close to someone, spam them, because, it'll be hard to miss that many shots if you're that close to them, so, it should be an easy kill and you should not die from a situation like that.


If you are mid range, Pace your shots, so you can hit your shots instead of people missing their shots when they spam and dying, you can pace your shots and win easily, however, if they come closer, start spamming and pacing, because, if you spam when they come closer, more shots will hit obviously, but pace still incase he decides to run back.


Long range, Scope + Pacing easily, you will Hit 1 or 2 Shots at the most with spamming, but, if you pace + scope, you will get 5 or 6 shots on players who aren't even weary of whats going on and will be able to pick up easy kills.


WIth 85% Bloom, Spamming seems to be more effective as the reticule isn't becoming as big, however, pacing is still needed in different situations and pacing should never be considered not an option in a DMR Battle at mid - long range (unless of course, they remove bloom like they have in MLG, where it is really fun now with 0% bloom)


The logical answer to spamming or pacing is that they are both effective in different situations.


5. The Importance of Jumping


Jumping is important because it can get you to new heights and get you a height advantage on other players, its all good, but, if you're being shot at, you'll probably need jumping to stay alive, as if you can make the jump and escape, take it, as you will regain health and most likely survive more as you are hopefully run back to your team and they can assist you as you are one shot and are about to die.


Jumping is also important because if you jump while running away, it makes it harder for the player to shoot at your head, and that's where you are obviously most likely to die since head takes the most health off, if you jump, then, they have trouble shooting since their reticule will lead them all over the place and they will have a hard time hitting your head.


The Final good thing of jumping is a height advantage, now, i kind of went over this earlier in the point, but Height Advantage is SO GOD DAMN IMPORTANT! its what makes or breaks a game, if you jump while shooting, you have to shoot down, which is easier obviously since the reticule will probably follow his head, but, you are jumping up, so their reticule may not follow as easily as yours, which should give you more likely of a chance to get the kill instead of him.



I really enjoyed making this entry, and i hoped you enjoy reading it


In entry 8 i will talk about:


Keeping your head down while being shot

Why to Trashtalk and why not to.

How do music and other things affect your gameplay?

Why NOT to teabag.

Q & A with ? (Reply if you want Q & A please, i need 1 more person for this.)


Current People for Q & A:









Thanks for reading!

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Again, another nice thread with great tips. The thing about knowing the direction of where the grenade came from, never did that.


I just want to ask you, what's going to happen in the Q&A doing again?

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uh, if people want to do it, they have to message me, and we go from there.


I just want to know what you're doing in the Q&A. (Seems like a dumb question...)

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ask various questions about different aspects of halo and get different community views, ive got One and snipeside doing it i hope.

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i think Q&A would be good... i just cant think of a question right now...


Your missing the point of Q & A, i ask the questions to some of the community, they reply, i post it on the forum, it will only be like, 3 - 4 questions.

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ask various questions about different aspects of halo and get different community views, ive got One and snipeside doing it i hope.


Oh, okay. I think I might join in.

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Edited in title for people who want to do it.


Spots are filled.



You will each get messaged with the same question, i will copy + paste the answers into my Entries next time.

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