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Halo: MCC Matchmaking needs a update!!!

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There is no reason for a level 19 should be matching against a whole team of 50's even if my team is full of level 20's. Ranked playlist should match u with even skilled players and as you beat them you gain level and face people with greater skill as close to your level... than I get temporarily banned for quitting before a match starts cause I'm facing people I shouldn't be facing on a ranked playlist... that's what I loved about halo 2 and 3. Fix all your halos ranked playlist cause h5 and h4 need it. Terrible that we don't have the real ranking systems. It's all like call of duty now.. was hopeful for 343 when they took over. But was disappointed. You guys are making this game so unlike halo. Ur campaign is good. Ur h5 customs and forge is incredible. But for the love of god. Bring back halo. None of this jet packing perks running. This isn't cod... I'd rather play call of duty than play a new halo. Honestly. The whole movement and how the game feels when I shoot and everything is so off.

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Disclaimer, we're not the real 343i, just a fan forum.


As for the MCC, you should just give up hope. The last update they pushed out at least got the game working somewhat as intended but forget about fine tuning and matchmaking balance. Just play it for casual fun and nostalgia and don't get too competetive with it as it'll never work out for you.


Halo 5 ranking however works just fine. Keep in mind that you'll not always be matched 1 on 1 with your skills. The system is also forcing you to up your game a little after a while to prove and increase your rank.

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