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Sigma (Map Feedback wanted)

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This training facility was once the cause of an intergalactic war.

By: silentshadowxp




Sigma is a medium-sized, symmetrical map created with slayer in mind, but is also set up with CTF, KOTH, and Oddball. It supports 2v2, 4v4, and FFA gameplay. The name Sigma was chosen due to it's mathematical relation to sums, because the map is a sum of my favorite aspects of past Halo maps. The main maps that Sigma draws inspiration from are Guardian, The Pit, and Boundless, though several other maps also played a part in the evolution of the map. I initially chose Impact as the map to forge on for aesthetic reasons, but I am happy for doing so due to the unique forge pieces that lend well to the map.


The map has two levels, with a third being created by the top of the bases and the sniper towers. The bases have three levels, and are a mix of the sniper and gold bases on Guardian, as well as the bases from Boundless. Both have "elbow" routes that lead to the bottom center. The center of the map has two levels, and are also very reminiscent of the center of Guardian. The location and structure of the sniper towers are based on the sniper towers from The Pit. The green walkway is based off of the sword spawn on both The Pit and construct. I also included several tactical jumps across the map to help get from one location to another (as well as a couple secret but very exposed paths).


I set initial ordinance to respawn, because I don't agree with having random ordinance. Just off spawn, you are greeted by the opposing team's fire as you both fight for control of the incineration cannon in the bottom center of the map. There are also two beam rifles, a hammer, and a sticky detonator. Also on the map are four light rifles as regular weapons (so the screen isn't flooded with ordinance icons), as well as two pairs of pulse grenades and a pair of sticky grenades.


Two trait zones were used to balance the jetpack. One was used as an invisible ceiling, and the other to drain shields on a certain structure as a deterrent to keep players off of it. I also decided against soft kill areas because I feel as though the "return to battlefield" message breaks the player's immersion with the game. As such, I blocked off any areas I didn't want players to go to, and used a hard safe zone to keep people from trying to escape the map.




I am looking for feedback on the map. Slayer feedback would be nice, but I'd also really love some feedback on CTF, KOTH, and Oddball because I haven't had much of an opportunity to test those.


Feedback I would like-



Player Count:

Team Size:

What you liked:

What you didn't like:

What you would change:

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the links for the map are leading me to the halo 4 web page not any pictures :( 


Could you add some to your post? it looks cool so far, from what i can see...

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