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Cleaned and updated


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Hey everyone, just a quick update on some things.

Forums are certainly not what they used to be but with Halo Waypoint shutting down their forums and this forum remaining online I wanted it cleaned up.

  • Underlying site components have been updated
  • New theme since the old one was left half finished for so long
  • Spam seems to be mostly taken care of for the time being
  • Allowed people to login with their Microsoft accounts
  • Cleaned up a few of the old forums and condensed things a little better.
  • Changed default forum view
  • Added Books and Movies sections that just list the Halo content
  • Updated the articles pages to look a little better
  • Anyone is able to submit articles but they will need to be approved
  • 343i.org has just been spun off into its own URL shortening site

Happy Gaming


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