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[GameSpot] - How Super Mario Bros. Wonder Director's Daughters Fighting Helped Make Daisy Playable


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Princess Daisy hasn't been available as a co-op character in a mainline Mario game before (though she is playable solo in Super Mario Run). But that will change with the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder later this year--and we have the daughters of director Shiro Mouri to thank.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Mouri says he's been happy with the reaction of her inclusion, because it was a bit personal for him. "... I have two daughters myself and when they played previous Mario titles, they would always fight over who gets to play Peach," Mouri said. "Including Daisy will help resolve fights within my own household, and also I thought that having Daisy would be something that a lot of Mario fans would be happy with!"

This cute anecdote comes on top of Super Mario Bros. Wonder's online mode aiming for "entirely positive" chill vibes. It seems like the team at Nintendo wanted to avoid the conflict and competition usually associated with multiplayer games, especially when playing with others across the world.

Another big change for Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be the lack of Charles Martinet voicing the famous plumber. He will now serve as a Mario ambassador, according to Nintendo, and step away from voicing Mario, Wario, and others.

A special Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct showed off new power-ups, like Bubble Mario, and highlighted the different areas of the Flower Kingdom. The 15-minute presentation also confirmed the return of a playable Nabbit, who's created for younger players alongside Yoshi.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to launch October 20 on Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check out GameSpot's Super Mario Bros. Wonder preview, in which Steve Watts says it "feels alive in a way that 2D Mario hasn't for years." Preorders are live for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and Nintendo has also unveiled a Mario red edition of the Nintendo Switch OLED that releases October 6.

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