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Found 3 results

  1. This week's interviewee is a very well known member by all the senior members but not by the junior members so much I don't think. I thought it was very important that the newer members get to know more about this member and what they're about. Although she isn't visible in the shoutbox she's always, and I mean always watching the forums. Ladies and gentlemen: Ms. Mystic. DD: "Ms. Mystic, the Serene Mystic, how did you come up with your username and Gamertag?" MM: "Well I was planning to change my gamertag sometime last year. I was honestly having trouble coming up with something halfway decent, one of my ideas being "Ditsy Doll". I asked my Best Friend, Samantha, if there were any ideas She could think up. She suggested "Serene Mystic" and so I decided to go with that. When I had first joined this website my username was the exact same as my gamertag. My first username change was to "Serene" but, for some reason, I decided to change it yet again. This time it was to "Ms. Mystic" and that has been my username ever since the 29th of November 2011. I don't plan on changing it again if I'm honest. I like it, and it's become a well known name on the forums (Not exactly sure if that's true, but it might be! xD ) I've also started using "Ms. Mystic" as my alias on other websites, but I've found that there are some websites where that username is already registered. :c" DD: "I'd say that that is 100% accurate about you being well known on the site . Those others that use that name sound like posers, we don't like those . And your Member Title, how would you say you gained that title?" MM: "Well I have Absolute Dog to thank for my member title. A long while back Absolute and I went back and forth trying to come up with a title that would fit me. I think that my gamertag and username were what we based it off of, finding synonyms for both "Serene" and "Mystic". Another influence may have been my "peaceful" nature when it comes to how I behave on the forums. Though I can occasionally get annoyed and lose my temper (everyone does), I don't think it happens very often and isn't that bad when it does. For the most part I think I'm calm and polite in my posts and whenever I chat. For any of the times I lose my temper I'm really sorry. Anyway, having a custom title is really great and I'm thankful that AD and hopefully others believe I deserve one." DD: "It definitely suits you! Now speaking of Absolute Dog, you and him have quite a history that goes way back on this site from what I hear. There used to be arguments and fusses between both of you. How did you two overcome that stage and become better friends on the site?" MM: "Well I wouldn't say we've completely overcome what's happened in the past nor become better friends since then. That's not to say we hate each other or anything like that, just that I don't believe we've actually managed to rekindle any friendship we may have had yet. To me it seems more like we both just want to get over issues we've had in the past and try starting over. That, for the moment, it's kind of a neutral relationship. The only issues I've honestly ever had with Absolute Dog are in regards to how he has handled a few things as Moderator in the past. I don't have any problems with him as a person, but he's done things when moderating that I really don't agree with. What those things are I won't discuss in public. I'm not saying I or anyone else is above moderation because I don't believe that in the slightest. I do believe though that some of the decisions he's made while moderating weren't the best. Despite these things I do consider him to be a good Moderator and member overall." DD: "Very understandable all of that. I think it's best not to ge into specifics as you've said haha. So you are literally the basis of the 'Forum Defender' Award that still exists. This is obtained through reporting bad posts or events that have occurred on the forum that you've seen to a Moderator. How many reports a day do you make? And what do you report people on?" MM: "I think I make, on average, four or five reports a day (if not more). That's my best guess. I did count my reports one morning not too long ago and I had seven just in that morning alone, not counting any that I filed later that day. When it comes to reporting I hold no bias. It doesn't matter to me who a user is. Whether they're a member, Moderator, or other Staff, none of that matters to me. They are all still users and I'll report anything that I believe needs attention. Things that I report people on are as follows. These apply to threads, posts, status updates, and shouts: Double posts, Triple posts, Quadruple posts, etc. Creating multiple threads on the same subject. Posting one word replies or posts that only feature emotes or an anagram like "LOL". Anything that features excessive swearing and just a nasty attitude in general. Threads that are posted in the wrong section or that would fit better in another. Threads or posts that have little to no discussion value. (An example would be a thread titled "what u think of hayabusa armor?" and the OP being nothing more than "its cool". ) Anything referencing any sexual or drug related material. Posts that insult other members as well as calling them trolls without any proper evidence to support the claim. Those are all of the things I can think of at the moment that I report on. I don't just report things I spot while quickly browsing over either. I do occasionally go into a member's profile and take a look at their posts and created threads to see if anything there needs attention. This goes for new and old members alike." DD: "That is a lot of reports. I bet the Moderators appreciate the help and act immediately on the reports. Do you ever wish to become a Moderator on the site?" MM: "Absolutely. I've had plenty of experience in the past as both Administrator and Moderator. Over the years I've come to create two or three of my own forum communities and serve as both positions for a few websites as well. Granted the forums I created never took off (due to no one wishing to actually use them) but I still put hard work into making them look nice and function well. Back on topic, yes I would love to become a Community Moderator. That isn't because I would love having power and authority over regular members or being able to boss others around. Nor would I want it just for the title. I honestly would only wish to become a Community Moderator so that I may help out. Being a moderator is a huge responsibility no doubt. You are required to keep personal feelings out of your work, moderate properly despite who may be under review. Members may send you a ton of messages asking for help, about their awards, complaining about other members, etc. Not to mention you may go without thanks for what you do. That requires patience and strength to get through without blowing your top. Despite how I may have ever behaved in the past, I do believe that I would be quite competent in this position. Personal feelings and favouritism would have no place in how I would operate as a Community Moderator, as it should be. The chance to help the website by cutting down on spam, handling problem users, taking care of any posts, threads, or status updates that need attention, and just better enforcing the rules would honestly mean a whole lot to me. Working together with the rest of the Staff would be quite enjoyable as well. Communication with other Staff can really go a long way! The Staff will give me a chance if they wish. It would mean a lot, but in the end it's their call. I respect the time and effort they put into their jobs and know full well the responsibilities being in a position like that includes. A position like theirs isn't all fun and games, they're forced to make some really tough decisions at times and it can be very stressful dealing with all that they do. Please show some gratitude for what they do because they deserve it." DD: "Trust me when I say I know all those things about the Moderating position, I've heard about how tiring and thankless it can be sometimes. So here's an issue that's just been brought up within the week: what do you think of all the fuss that's went on with TheHaloCouncil? Are try justified in being mad about the way our News Group cites them?" MM: "They were completely justified with being upset about it I feel. At least in a few instances. The user in question who brought this up provided some examples of blatant copy and paste work, even down to the layout of the articles. There isn't anything wrong with taking photos and information from an existing article so long as you type it all out in your own words and style. That is the issue I believe the certain someone had with our News Group. Not that they were making articles on the same stories, but that the articles submitted were either complete copy and paste jobs, or were so close to the ones featured on TheHaloCouncil that it could still be considered plagiarism." DD: "Yes but they provided a link to cite where they gained it from so I could see why they were mad but I don't think they should've gotten mad and insulted our site and our members. The main user involved was IP banned. And another conflict along with that one, was the one where a member of the Staff was demoted because of his inactivity here and activity on another site. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think the Art Department will need another member?" MM: "Well I agree that insulting and attacking other members was uncalled for. Yes the link to the articles may have been included, but I believe that if you're a part of the News Group then you should actually construct your own version of whatever story you're reporting. Don't just submit the exact same story from another website, even if you include the link to said article. Anyone can do that. If you're capable of doing your job well as an Administrator, Moderator, or what have you on more than one site at a time, I don't see a problem with that. If a member of the Staff has become inactive for quite a while then a demotion is in order. They know their responsibilities and can warn the other Staff if they fear they'll be unable to fulfill their roles at any point. Failing to do so, to perform their duties well (if at all) is warrant for demotion in my opinion. This should apply to all Staff I believe, no matter someone's feelings about them. You are given responsibilities and expected to actively perform the duties your job entails. The Art Department will need a new member if the Staff agree that an Art Department is needed. I feel that whoever they choose should be an experienced artist and an active, respectable member." DD: "So far Insignia is the only one left in the Art Department and his laptop got a virus so he's visiting us through mobile every now and then. Have you seen any talented graphic artists that you think would fit the role of partner in the Art Department with Insignia?" MM: "Sadly I've not seen any so far. I'll try to keep a better eye out in the future though and suggest anyone if my opinion is ever wanted." DD: "Alright Ms. Mystic, on a more personal note, how is your life off of the site? What are your hobbies and activities?" MM: "I usually spend my time each day talking and doing things with my Friends and Family. Whether it's playing games with them, chatting over Trillian or Skype, or both watching and streaming games, television shows, and movies. Every moment I get with Them is special to me and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Though there are plenty of things that get me down every so often (my appearance, low-self esteem, my voice, etc.) , I have the Love and Support from all of those that are Special to me. Without them I don't know where I would be or what I'd be doing right now. Other than that I enjoy playing video games on my PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360, watching anime and other cartoons, listening to music of all kinds, and reading a few manga." DD: "I say do not let anything get you down because it shouldn't matter what anyone else except you and your close family and friends think. If you have their love and suport then I don't believe you can wrong because those two are so crucial. Ms. Mystic, it's been a wonderful interview. What is your advice to the up and comers who are reading and would like to make an impression on the site as you do?" MM: "Well to start I would point them towards the forum rules which I'll link below. http://www.343indust...tion=boardrules Please try not to come onto the website with a bad attitude. First impressions, no matter what anyone may tell you, are important. If you come to the website with a bad attitude it will really affect how someone sees you not only as a member, but possibly as a person in general. Show everyone here some respect, follow the forum rules as best you can, and feel free to ask others for help and advice with any of your troubles. If you're using the shoutbox please listen to the Moderators and take the advice of members who try helping you out if you're doing wrong. Don't be afraid to ask for help with anything. We're all (mostly) a friendly group of people and do want to get along with one another. Help the entire website out by sending reports of threads, posts, status updates, and users who break the rules. Be as clear and precise as possible. Have lots of fun and make some friends as well~! Thankee for the interview, Drizzy. I really hope it's a good for all. ~ Ms. Mystic" Thank YOU Ms. Mystic for letting me interview you and taking the time to answer all the questions sent through PM. Thank you 343i Community Forum for being awesome, I like every single one of you. Thanks for just enjoying these and reading these for those of you who actually do. Tune in for next week's interview!
  2. HiHi, everyone~ I'm happy to receive the title of "MOM" for the month of August, 2012~! Let me start off by thanking anyone and everyone who has ever done something for me, no matter how big or small. Thank you to those who put their trust in me and who believed me to deserve the title. Thank you to everyone who has been here for me. You all know who you are. I'll do my best not to let anyone down. In the time I've been a part of this website I've seen some pretty interesting people come and go. We've had great members stick with us, while those who have chosen to create problems and cause drama have been removed from our wonderful community. It's a bit strange seeing some members, who I remember when they first joined ( I'm not old, shut up! D: ), now becoming senior members themselves. I can say though that I'm happy with how most, if not all, of us have grown and matured in our time here. It's a very nice thing to see. Though I have become MOM, I still don't feel like I've done enough for this website. I do very much enjoy reporting anything that needs attention, helping to keep the shoutbox inline, and helping members out when I can, but I still want to help more and more. This website and community has provided me with so much news and entertainment that I want to do whatever I can to help make it a better place for all. Thank you, everyone, for accepting me as this month's MOM and for feeling I deserve it. ~ CandiBunni
  3. Due to seeing an increasing number of disrespectful and downright mean-spirited posts, I have decided to create this topic. Please read over it, and maybe you'll get something out of it. Lately I have been seeing quite a few members responding to topics (mostly ones created to express concerns/complaints on any number of subjects) with, in my eyes, absolutely uncalled for responses. These posts range from name calling to personal insults and telling others to not "waste their time" with the OP. Let me say that I am disappointed to see such hate coming from our community, especially from members I would have never thought I'd see it from. It hasn't yet become common place, but I thought that I would create this as a sort of warning. People have different opinions. This is a fact that we all are aware of. However, some of us apparently feel the need to go out of our way to throw hate and disrespect towards those we may not agree with. I myself am perhaps guilty of this on one or two occasions, even though the person whom I was responding to pretty much deserved what I said. I do not know what has brought about the increase in this lack of respect, but I do know that it needs to stop. Now. You are free to voice your thoughts, but I believe that you should do so only in a polite and respectable manner. If you see someone doing nothing but being rude and hateful, report the post. Do not follow in their footsteps and keep "the flame" alive. Help to extinguish it by catching it before it spreads. Do your best to offer your opinions and advice in a friendly way. We do not need to let ourselves devolve into another B.Net or Halo Waypoint. Don't go so far with this that new members are unwilling to post, for fear of being attacked. Stop it here and now. We should be proud that we're such a friendly community (despite what I've seen lately from a few members) and that people actually want to sign up here. This means that we should also do all that we can to keep it like that. This website is like a family. As such, we should treat each other as brothers and sisters. Treat your fellow brothers and sisters with care and respect. If someone is making what you believe to be a foolish mistake, let them know what you would do in their shoes. Feel free to let them know that there are other options besides the one that they're choosing. Try to steer others towards the right path, and hope that they'll continue without your assistance. I know that sometimes people post completely crazy and downright stupid things, but please don't offer your opinion unless you can do so in the correct manner (i.e. without insulting and being hateful). Everyone is free to voice their opinions on this website, despite how poorly thought out or silly they may be. Keep things civilized. If we blow our top, we need to acknowledge it and make sure that it doesn't happen again. If you don't believe you can add anything meaningful to the discussion, or don't think you're capable of responding without vitriol, simply do not post.
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