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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, Like most of you, I am saddened by Bungie's recent termination of providing Halo data services. The services that we had all been accustomed to and had appreciated very much have ceased to exist. Since April 1, 2012, I have visited my online Bungie-provided Service Record for Halo 3, only to discover that my most recent games are no longer being logged for future reference -- no more showing my friends that amazing extermination I earned in Team Slayer, or priding myself in my aggregate medals I've achieved over four years of continuous game-play. I fear that, now that the data services have been terminated, this puts Halo 3, among other aging Halo titles, one step closer to having its online playing servers discontinued. In order to keep an invested interest in Halo 3 and other pre-Reach, Bungie-developed titles, I would like to see 343i and/or Microsoft take up Halo data services for the games that the entire Halo community still enjoys today. As of now, Halo Waypoint, the new source for online Halo data available through Xbox's website, only updates information for a player's Service Record for Halo: Reach and Halo: CE Anniversary. I would very much like to see existing Halo 3 data, as well as future data, be made accessible through Halo Waypoint as well. Perhaps even transferring all existing Halo data, including archived Halo 2 data, could be part of such a transition. I have created this thread for anyone who also shares the same sentiments to express their own thoughts on this matter. While I would like to see this change implemented, and perhaps it isn't even an issue 343i and/or Microsoft could feasibly address due to lack of legal control over financial/capital resources (or over rights to own/provide pre-Reach, Bungie-developed data), I would certainly at least like to entertain a discussion about any other viewpoints there may be. For instance, one might say "Halo 3 is coming up on five years old, and there needs to come a time where the old ceases to exist to make way for the new." Well, I disagree -- Halo 2, arguably the watershed title for making the Xbox LIVE experience what it is today, was discontinued because it was only for the original Xbox LIVE servers (which went offline April 14, 2010), which is a valid reason; however, as long as the current Xbox LIVE servers are online, I see no reason why one of the world's best-selling titles, the sequel to one of the "founding fathers" of Xbox LIVE, and its corresponding online data services, should be completely terminated. But, this is only one opinion, so... To all of those veteran Halo fans out there, especially those who still appreciate Halo 3 -- let me know what your thoughts are! -C6Vette
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