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Found 5 results

  1. Things we do include: Training's, Raids, Meetings, Matchmaking, Custom Games, Custom Tournaments, You name it! We, for our 5th year, are getting back into the Halo: Reach Clan Community. We have been absent for the past few months, but are making a well planned return. To sum up how things work here, we pull you into a game session, give you your uniform and emblem, run you down with rules and regulations, yell at you and make you do things you probably don't want to do, and after completing boot camp you will receive your rank and become one step closer to becoming a welcomed member of our Clan. How to join? Simple, contact I, "TBDL X KNIGHT" on Xbox Live via message (Let me know you are sending a message to join the TBDL Corps) and I will respond to you ASAP. Any questions or concerns can be asked via message or in reply to this post! Thank you for reading this post, look forward to seeing you on either side of the battlefield!
  2. My name is TBDL x Knight, I am the Co. of TBDL. On Halo 5, TBDL is a competitive 4s team. We are looking for two other people who are decent at the game and know how to play well. If you are reading this right now, we are still looking for two others. Please message me on Xbox Live if you are interested or have any questions; [TBDL X KNIGHT]
  3. General Message Hello, my name is TBDL x Knight and I am the Vice President of TBDL (To Be Determined Leader) We are a Military clan for Halo Reach. We have been in the Halo community overall for just over 8 years, I personally have been in the Halo community for just over 5 years. We are looking for new members, if you are interested in joining, make sure to read the training section and look on the contact page. Training Many people who join us ask what types of training we do and why, so before you decide to join I want to answer those two questions that we are commonly asked. *Basic Training - Used to explain the rules and get you used to how our clan works *SOI Training - Your basic combat skills and some extra tweaks such as "Covering and Maneuvering" which is used in raid tactics *Raid Training - This teaches how to serpentine, how to climb all of the mountains, how to break into a base and how to lock one down once inside *Specialists Training - This covers the advanced stuff that you would have never thought about such as "Teleporter Gapping" Contact Us Xbox - TBDL x Frost - CZAR Xbox - TBDL x Knight - Vice President & Website Recruiter Xbox - xXUnl0ckingXx - 1st General & 3rd in Command Email - [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> Email - [email protected] Or just simply reply to this topic and include your gamertag
  4. TBDL, what does it stand for? TBDL Stands for "To Be Determined Leader" GENERAL MESSAGE If you are looking for a Military based clan for Halo: Reach, I may be able to help you out. My name is TBDL X KNIGHT and I am the Vice President for TBDL. TBDL has been in the Halo community for over 8 years. I have personally been in the Halo community for 5 years. We are looking for new members because we want to start up on Halo: Reach again. Some of you may know us by the name of Dominion Republic. Dominion Republic was what our name was last year on Halo: Reach, we were very successful and soon after became mercenaries; now wanting to start up our clan again. RULES AND HOW TO JOIN The rules are very simple, just simply keep your armor on during training, don't cause drama, don't try to skip ranks (it won't work, we are very organized) and make sure to pay attention. We don't ask much other than try your best to ace our training, we try to reach above all. Whilst we were mercenaries, we went into a lot of other clans to see how they operate so we could do better. A few names include Exodus, UUF, USR, URDF RANKS Enlisted>Recruit (When you first join) Septant (When you pass boot camp) Septant 3rd Class (When you complete SOI 1&2) Septant 2nd Class (When you complete SOI 3) Septant 1st Class (Requires Completion of Boot Camp, and Completion of SOI training) Senior Septant - Master Septant - Chardarsman - Chardarsman 2nd Class - Chardarsman 1st Class - Staff Chardarsman (Leadership School I Beginning) Master Chardarsman (Leadership School I Completion, Leadership School II Beginning) Head Chardars Command (Leadership School I & II Completion, Leadership School III Beginning (0/1 Slots Taken)) Officer>Legiment (Leadership School I, II, III Completion) Legiment Specialist - Merchant - Merchant Specialist - Senior Merchant - Legionary - Legionary Specialist - Journeyman - Journeyman Specialist - General (2/4 slots taken) - CZAR (Unreachable) CONTACT US Xbox Live - TBDL X FROST - CZAR Xbox Live - TBDL X KNIGHT - Vice President Xbox Live - xXUnl0ckingXx - 1st General Kik - Itzknight - Vice President Email - [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> - Vice President
  5. GENERAL MESSAGE Hello, my name is TBDL X KNIGHT and I am the Vice President of TBDL, a Military based clan on Halo: Reach. We have been in the community for a good 8 years. I personally have been in the community for 5 years. TBDL is looking for some new members because we want to get back in the action. We do training everyday and hope for people to show up. The types of training we do include the following: - Team Tactical - Raid Training (Consists of a focus on our formations on how to enter a base, how to serpentine, how to avoid being seen from certain distances, how to cover fire, how to work with teammates, how to communicate, and what to do in a certain situation) - SOI (Consists of the basics, firing ranges, tactic learning, call-outs, roles, commands, lines, and formations) RESTRICTIONS:The only restrictions we have are focused on the uniform. You have to have the emblem, colors we assign you, and a service tag that represents a nickname we can call you. RANKS:<Enlisted Ranks> Recruit - Septant 3rd, Septant 2nd, Septant 1st, Senior Septant - Master Septant - Chardarsman - Chardarsman 2nd - Chardarsman 1st - Staff Chardarsman - Master Chardarsman - Head Chardars Command (Max of 1) <Officer Ranks> Legiment - Legiment Specialist - Merchant - Merchant Specialist - Senior Merchant - Legionary - Legionary Specialist - Journeyman - Journeyman Specialist - General (Max of 4) - Vice - CZAR CONTACT US:1st General:xXUnl0ckingXx - Vice President:TBDL X KNIGHT - CZAR:TBDL X FROST
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