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Found 2 results

  1. HeroAnarchy -- [Hms] Ghoulie Graveyard http://tinyurl.com/8mfkzfb -- [HMS] http://tinyurl.com/8qylrtt -- HMS is reminiscent of Halo 3's popular Predator gametype with several tweaks added. -- The map is based on classic 'horror-in-the-graveyard' scenarios The map has a broken down church , 100+ grave , and one tomb. Due to the largeness of the map the warthog is not that overpowered. Recommended players (6-14) -- This is just for Halloween purposes the real map is also in the fileshare.
  2. Intro: Hey everyone, I'm here today on 343iCF to showcase my final solo-forged map for Halo: Reach. It's actually a project that's been finished for a while, but that I only got the chance to test recently. This is my only map on the Anniversary map pack, so please keep that in mind. So, let's get started on the map itself! Gamertag: Robius5991 Map: Predatorial Grounds: Guatemala Gametype: Get to the Chopper! Recommended Players: 10-16 The map (Predatorial Grounds: Guatemala): First of all, I really want to acknowledge that this is a long name for a map, but it's original name was (Predator: Guatemala) but I guess they don't allow the word "Predator on fileshares... then I tried (Hunting Grounds: Guatemala) and found out that they don't like the word "Hunting" either... so, hence the map's name. To begin with the description, players will have to keep in mind that I tried to make the map look like a spread out military position. If any of you have seen the movie "Predator" with Arnold Schawzenegger, then you might see a few references. All the soldiers spawn at the main military structure, where they can find a lot of basic weapons. If they wish to gain heavier weaponry (which is essential for survival) they must venture out of the camp and explore the forest for abandoned posts. The soldiers will find a wide array of armaments by scavenging from places such as a crashed helicopter. a fox hole, a small camp, some close-up improvised bunkers and even from certain weapon crates. Players are also encouraged to use the Falcon and Warthog, is they can find them, as they serve as good heavy weapons and recon units. For this next part, I will insert the backstory for the map. If this does not interest you, feel free to skip it, although I may make a few references to it later. [back Story]: Under the pretence of it being a personnel-recovery mission, Major Dutch (Schwarzenegger) and his elite team of operations are sent to Guatemala. They join up with CIA agent Dillon (Weathers) and prepare to search the jungle. As they go through, they find the remains of a wrecked helicopter and soon learn that they are not fighting Guerrilla soldiers. Soon enough, they begin to be killed, one by one, as they are hunted by a mysterious alien creature known as "The Predator". Heavily outgunned, the soldiers must gather all the equipment they can to kill this stealthy murderer. The gametype (Get to the Chopper!): Alright, please keep in mind that the name for this is simply a name, and not the actual objective for the game. If you've seen the movie, you'll get the famous quote. Anyways, this gametype is built on Infection, but is actually a varient of Juggernaut. Be prepared, this will be an insanely hard game. Imagine playing Juggernaut, except that everyone just has one life. The humans (who count as the infected this game) have an Assault Rifle, Sprint, Green armour and a radar (along with the ability to use vehicles and pick up weapons). The Predator, on the other hand (counts as the human - ironically) has an Energy Sword (his wrist-blade), a Spartan Laser (his shoulder-laser), black armour, Active Camouflage and slightly enhanced speed. He also possesses Predator vision (waypoints over every human's head) along with heavy additional damage resistance - but with no shield or health recharge). Basically speaking, the Predator is insanely strong and the humans MUST WORK TOGETHER to survive. The best strategy is to stick together and pick up every power weapon they can, to swarm the Predator (vehicles are also useful). Each round only lasts 2 minutes (I don't want the dead players to be bored - on a side note, those dead players can warn the others when the Predator is coming) and there are five rounds per game. The Predator is really hard to kill if the humans are split up and are not properly armed, so communication is key. Assassinating the Predator is an option, so if you're a Ninja, you might have a slight advantage. Also, one last thing to keep in mind is that with his Spartan Laser, the falcon is an easy target, however, if you fly between the trees often, you can dodge most of his attacks! Screenshots: Once again I've reached the best part of the thread. Here are the screenshots! The humans' initial spawn, at their main base of operations. The other entrance to the base. Within the base of operations, players can find some initial weapons with which to protect themselves as they progress through the level. (The turret is representative of Blain's heavy machine gun!) Near the waterfall we find an abandoned care-package, with a health pack, Grenade Launcher and Magnum. A soldier fighting off the Predator, keep in mind that you can deflect him only once with a melee. A forward command post to the main operations base. Inside you'll find 2 DMRs. A military improvised repair-station for their jeep. There's a table inside with a few grenades. (Also, certain players like to hide on the roof for a slightly higher position). While in the jeep, keep the gun on the Predator at all times and cut corners as much as you can to avoid his laser. This is the equivalent of the soldier climbing the tree. At the top of the man-cannon you'll find a Sniper Rifle. This is one of the few angles you can see the soldier from, while he has a far wider view of the arena. Somewhere in the further reachs of the forest, you'll find a small camp with a Rocket Launcher in one tent, and a DMR in the other. Get to the Chopper!!!! At the far back of the map, you'll find this awaiting powerhouse. Give your gunner aim on the Predator at all times, but never stop to let him get an easy shot... or else the Predator will take you. Inside the fox-hole you'll find a lamp and Shotgun. Use it wisely. A small improvised bunker, made of wood. It offers a DMR and little cover, but is easily destroyed by the Predator. The last important site to see is the destroyed/crashed helicopter. You can see that its impact was above the hill and that it slide down, finally stopping when it hit a rock. On one side you'll find another Sniper Rifle and some frag grenades. (No, the inside is not accessible) On the other side is the Predator spawn, where the players can later pick up a Health pack. One last picture of the soldiers swarming the Predator near the other Shotgun spawn (on a rock). So, I hope you liked all the pictures I could show you of the map. The main idea is that you have a wide-open world (forest) in which you can manoeuver and discover new locations, to gather weapons and vehicles with which to kill the Predator. During testing we had a mix of rounds. Sometimes the humans won, sometimes the Predator did. Your main goal as a human is to either kill the Predator, or try to stay alive for the 2 minutes. Overall, the testing was a blast. We had so many laughs, people did their Arnold Schwarzengeer impressions and others screamed as the Predator came out of nowhere to attack them. I hope that anybody who downloads this map has just as much of a fun-challenge as we did! Weapons list: DMRs: 6 Magnum: 5 Assault Rifles: 5 Machine Gun Turret: 1 Rocket Launcher: 1 Sniper Rifles: 2 Shotguns: 2 Grenade Launcher: 1 Grenades: Quire a few. ---- Warthog: 1 Falcon: 1 Conclusion: Well, that's all I have to say about my map. This may be final project on Reach (depending on whether I finish the other 2 co-op-forges I'm working on right now) and if it is, I'm glad to end on a success. Please leave me any feedback you can, it's always appreciated. It may surprise you from the pictures, but I am out of budget, and could afford no more items (so I had to scrap a few ideas) but still, leave me your opinions and thoughts. Thanks a lot 343iCF users for being so great during Reach. I guess I'll see you all in Halo 4!
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