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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there, thanks for visiting this thread. Are you interested in writing News for the community, but don't have such a grip on certain guidelines for Front Page worthy articles? Fear not, for I have developed for you a small set of guidelines for you to follow if you want to create amazing content level with our own News Group! The article should feature an appropriate image to coincide with the topic of the article. The image should be hosted on the forum's own Gallery as off-site material copied and pasted can be tamped with or removed, doing this prevents inappropriate or missing content on the article. The easiest format to do this is to save the image unto your own computer or device, and upload it using the "Attach Files" mechanism below. Article should be sourced in a Site Name/[direct link] format, basically meaning if you found your article on IGN, you would source it as 'IGN.com' rather then just IGN or another title. The link must go to wherever you found the article though, so it should link to the actual piece rather than just IGN's front page. Primary Sources are usually the best to use, as they are more direct and have more authenticity. Let's say you post a 343i Job Listing, you must link to the actual listing, instead of Polygon reporting on the listing. This helps News Group members authenticate the article to make sure it isn't a hoax before promoting it. An opening sentence should hook the reader in and have them gripped to continue. It doesn't need to be long, but it should have the reader invested for the whole article, like a sort of teaser. It assists in the flow of the article as well, and looks generally neater and cleaner. Rhetorical questions aren't the best method, so try to avoid these. Personal opinions can never filter into a full fledged News piece. Doing an article on Halo 5 getting a 10/10 from IGN is fine, saying that Halo 5 is perfect or the complete opposite isn't. This is a news piece after all, it's just to inform, not to debate. Copy/Pasting a whole article, some of an article, or even a sentence of an article isn't allowed, and could result in serious punishments if done. The piece MUST be original, your own work. The usual word level is 300-500, however, if the article can perform fine with less or more, then this shouldn't matter, just don't make it tremendously short or long, and try to aim for the word limit set above. Font sizes and fonts should usually stay default, however, using colours like cyan, orange, and sometimes yellow is perfectly fine. Articles should have your own distinct style and taste to them, don't attempt to be like BeckoningZebra1, or Adam91, or Edward Kenway. You are you, if you use a certain vocabulary, or style, then use it, it's fine to be distinct and unique when it comes to writing. It isn't that the three mentioned above are not good writers, they are, but that is because they have their own way of writing. It doesn't matter how you consider your style, it's yours, it's special, you need to utilize it. Try to end on a question, and encourage liking and commenting on the article, as well as discussing it below, usually a question does the trick to promote (civil) debate and discussion in the comments area. That should cover it, any suggestions or questions, ask away below, thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen, and I hope this assists some fresh writers out there in starting up!
  2. Hello, I am making a rule set that will try and make this Halo 5 Forum to be a little more... organized. These are guidelines, and as I am not an admin I cannot control them. Let me start on the most important rule: Aas all of you know, most threads in this forum are suggestions. But the Halo 5 Forum isn't a suggestion forum. You can discuss things too. So if you have a suggestion, please put (Suggestion) before your thread title. This will help when looking at the all the topics in this forum, so you know what is a suggestion, and what isn't. Second rule, DON'T PUT REDUNDANT SUGGESTIONS. What that means is do not post a suggestion or discussion topic that someone else already made. Do you know how many "Cortana in Halo 5" threads there are? Just post in one that already exists, with your opinion. Third, when posting, use correct grammar and capitalize all first letters in the sentence. You wouldnt believe how many threads people cant read because of bad grammar and spelling. Try and read this: i think theyshuld ad cortanna and broot wepons in halo 5 and 6. 343 INDUSTRYS AD THIS U B*****S!,,!!!! Fourth, do not swear. Swearing does not accomplish anything but getting you booed and yelled at. Swearing in text is even worse. Thank you for taking time to read this, I will add more rules as the time goes by. If you have any suggestions for the thread, please post. Help get this pinned so everyone can read this.
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