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Found 3 results

  1. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 43 - 'Worst Horror/Scary Games' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. I'm knee-deep in some pretty labor-intensive crap (at least for me) rn, so I haven't had time to do another Site Poll since the last one. Gonna have to step up and get to work, or change the name to something like "Occasional Site Poll-". :C This week it's.... I got nothing, Consoles. Spoiler alert. What is your opinion on new consoles like the PS4 Pro, Project Scorpio, or Nintendo Switch? Also, what SHOULD console companies be doing that they're not doing right now? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted whenever, maybe. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!.
  2. ive been really frustrated with the way csr works in regicide. ive been stuck at 29. i place in the top 50 about 90 percent of the time and today i won three games in a row and it didnt bump me up one rank. also second and third(because they are top 50%0 should rank u up slowly but that doesnt happen either. it doesnt seem to take kd and kills per game into acount either cause even when i get second or third and 4th(very rare) i get the most or second most kills(usually). but the most frustrating thing is whn i join in progress and the king has 50-100 points allready. in that situation if u get third or aboveit should help somewhat. also i have a problem with the max bounty being 35 it rewards the losing players a little to much imo. anyone else having frustrating experiences with this playlist?or have reason why it works the way it does? my overall impression of the csr sytem is positve. its gonna be flawed but its hard to make a perfect measure of skill. i give props to 343 im just struggling a little cause my goal was 35. tips, advice?
  3. Let me start off by saying I have been a very dedicated and loyal Halo fan since day one. I appreciate that 343 has some big shoes to fill. The visual quality of Halo 4 is awesome and the nuances and additions to Halo 4 are growing on me as I become more comfortable with the game. I can't even begin to imagine the complexities behind building and maintaining a game like Halo 4 and because of that I have remained patient. However my patients are wearing thin and I am so saddened by the issues I have had with Halo 4 and the lack of customer support that I have finally reached out to this community. Seems as though the glory days of Halo are behind us. Disappointment and frustration are quickly becoming the two words I use most to describe Halo 4. I do not understand the business or entertainment value behind the move to limited XP during a 24 hour period and once you have reached level 70. I have the opportunity right now to play a lot and I was looking forward to it. 343 is telling some of the most dedicated Halo fans that our dedication is not appreciated and our long term enjoyment of this type of entertainment doesn't matter. How does it makes sense to neglect and penalize the most dedicated and loyal to the franchise? Why would I want to keep playing the game and get nothing in return? My XP from commendations and challenges evaporate so it feels like it is illogical to continue to play now with my friends as I am wasting the time and XP. For those who say "Why care about the XP?" I say "If It didn't add to the enjoyment and experience of online play, then why have it in the first place?" Clearly there is a rewarding feeling behind levels and and there is a huge emphasis in Halo 4 on gaining XP. After two new routers, one new xbox and 4 hours on the phone with Xbox tech support (as 343 didn't offer any) I have yet to determine why during almost every game I play online I get booted from my live party mid-match and then sit waiting on the "starting game" screen while everyone else is playing still. It's not the same as when everyone gets frozen because someone dropped out of the game as I will die multiple times during the freeze by the time I return to the game. Why is my DNF count so high. I don't quite mid-match ever? Why would I want to be dropped into a match that is almost over? Regardless of if I'm on the winning or loosing team. I'd rather wait for a game to start from the beginning. Why let players back out of matchmaking once they see the maps and they don't like them? This is just increasing the amount of people dropping and increasing the need for random players to join games mid match as well as causing games to load with only people on one team. I purchased the limited edition and still only have two specializations. Last but not least in the venting of my frustration, what purpose would my friends or anyone else have to want to level up if at the end is so easy to reach and there isn't anything you can do to further your online career once it's obtained? Though I feel this message may never reach the eyes of those who should be reading it. I hope at least that others can read this and feel as though they aren't the only ones that feel insulted and abandoned by 343. Good day and have fun!
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