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  1. Hello 343 community! I wanted to pitch to you the community and 343 a few basic concepts that i think would be cool. Halo Wars ODST Abandoned: A game in which you and a detachment of ODST's are stuck behind enemy lines with no help or contact from the Spirit of Fire, Halo Reach Reestablished: A game where a small fleet attempt to re colonize Reach after the 3 decade Human Covenant War. This fleet is ambushed by a new/forerunner/Old Covenant threat, You have to take it back. Halo Sangheili Civil War: A game which you play as the Arbiter and Destroy the Covenant and unite Sangheilios under one rule. Halo Wars Strategic Front: A FPS game much like halo wars where you can call in units and have a commander but in an FPS. Halo Stranded:A Game where a small battalion of marines has to learn to survive the Covenant overrun world. However unknown to them they are being hunted by an old foe... The Flood. Halo Wars 2 Suggestions: Maybe Make cheap unit commander and map DLC for multiplayer blitz mode. However you can only face foe/s who also have the new units/commanders in their deck. Halo Ai Apocalypse: A game where an Ai has taken control of a Forerunner shield world and has put an Ai in every foe making them extremely adaptable... and intelligent. i hope you consider these ideas and I apologize if they are very rough. I am currently suffering from one of America's worst and most contagious viruses. Please get back to me on some more ideas for 343 and post your own. They should also add Ai/bots in forge for our own custom firefight in games like Halo 6 or maybe 5 if they have time.
  2. i wouldn't buy it if: There weren't another playable race like elites If it was all Pay to win No vehicle based game mode No infection No forge More Cliffhangers if in Warzone you have to constantly unlock new weapons just to have them. They should be that amount of what you have gotten per game. If no split screen If no Ai in forge If costs 100+ $$$ If they don't return some of the original Art style and Awe factor i will actually be buying it regardless but I would be VERY disappointed without at least some of these features like Ai in forge.
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