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  1. people who go AFK shouldnt have thier rank restored by 343 because then whou would take 343 seriously?
  2. I think if armor lock was bit shorter and if sprint and evade were no longer armor abilties and just thing you could do that would be great
  3. Eva [C] with the last attachment
  4. Its okay I'm sure you caused no offence I mean Noble 6 is dead so its not like he/she can hear you.... or can he/she? as for the theory I imagine Noble team would've still gotten the missions done just with another spartan and at a slower pace with a few more casulties.
  5. I agree all they're doing is reusing challenges and not putting in enough variety.
  6. Don't much to say really apart from that I love Halo My GT is Killjoy McGee If you ever want to play Reach Or any other Halo game I'm generally either playing Halo Listening to music or playing something else.
  7. If they do let's hope it isn't hastily thrown together and slapped a week before release.
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