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  1. As always, Nintendo's first party games will be of the highest quality; it really comes down their emphasis on gameplay even when everyone else is more focused on storytelling etc. Whereas Microsoft/Sony want you to have an emotional/competitive experience in most of their games, Nintendo simply want you to just have fun. The third party support is very promising, especially after the Wii U got pretty much abandoned by publishers. The prospect of portable versions of Skyrim/Dark Souls is very exciting and I hope Nintendo focus on this portability. The Switch will be a great success if they realise that it won't replace their PlayStation/Xbox/PC, rather be more like a DS. There's no point pretending that Nintendo can compete with these companies in terms of modern tastes; the way Nintendo operate is simply too different to truly work with what is popular today. I'll probably buy one later in the year when the price drops a little. I also want to hold out until E3 when Nintendo will probably show us a bunch of third party games and ports along with hopefully some new titles for their many other great series. Series like Pokemon and Animal Crossing are pretty much perfect for the Switch.
  2. Due to the awful condition of Irish internet connectivity, I finally got online around 2009/10. As a result, most of my memories come from Halo 3 campaign marathons and Reach customs. I must have wasted hours exploring every inch of the campaign levels; found some pretty neat things that I thought were really cool at the time. As for Reach, I made some great friends during the 2 years before Halo 4. Although a standout moment is split screening TGFW with my brother. I ended up getting the half broken controller. I couldn't run forward without it stopping and starting, so I had to run around the map backwards into every objective. Halo 5 is fantastic. Sure it had launch problems, mainly due to lack of forge and playlists. But 343 have done a great job with the free updates. In my opinion, one year on, Halo 5 is the best fps experience on Xbox One.
  3. I joined pretty much as soon as it was created.
  4. Although I'm not new here, I've just been inactive for so long that I figured I might as well do this. Most people just call me Mopsy. I used to attend a few events here and there (most notably TGFW). I still play Halo 5 regularly, loving it still (every update just makes the game better). You should see me around here more often and who knows maybe I'll try playing sometime with some of you guys. I know I have a few of you already added but if not my gamertag is the same as my username.
  5. Dang I should come on here more often; just realised this started. Since Frankenzer is asking for it anyway, why the hell not? I vote Frank.
  6. You may have been banned previously without ever realising. Maybe you were offline the 24 hours. That would mean that this ban will last for a week.
  7. While the domain name may confuse you at first, the official 343 site is Halo Waypoint. The forums there contain a section for support. Sometimes achievements can take a few days to unlock, but another way to check it would be to check your service record on Halo Waypoint. You'll be able to see if it has registered every mission as complete.
  8. It's just a wild guess, but I would suppose for another four years at least. Post 2020 is getting into the 'When do we shut down xbox live on 360' period.
  9. While you could argue that Halo 3 has a better story than Halo 5, much of the enjoyment arises from the climax of 2 games worth of building tension. Halo 6 will be the true game to compare to 3. As for the focus on multiplayer, it's what sells. The genre has been pretty much like this for a good few years now. Why waste money putting loads of campaign missions in when you can focus on where the real money is? Halo sold Xbox and Xbox 360. But it also sold the Xbox One. I can't see this changing for a very long time.
  10. I feel like you might be a big fan of this guy.
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