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  1. Hey guy thanks for all the time you took replying. You don't sound pedantic at all. Like, not even one tiny bit. As far as the UI goes, please tell me you've tried to change teams in a custom game. Seriously, how could anyone who's not retarded think that was a good idea? Counterintuitive? Check. Clunky? Uh huh. Stupid? Yeahhh. As for the hit registration, I'll spare you anecdotal evidence from someone who's used to three shotting with the pistol pretty consistently and let this talk for me: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/THE%20HITMENG/video/4761354#t=22 ...why'd they use the pc version of ce to port from? I bet it was because it was easier and took less time, therefore costing less money and improving roi. And yeah, you're totally right. Retrieving something from someone's file share should be easy. If they're online, np right? Except, well, the roster never populates. And the leaderboards are broken. So once again I gotta select myself and then find player. That totally makes sense and isn't thrown together bs at all. Lol. I've managed to work it out but I'm stubborn ???? So let's talk about post game lobbies. Why aren't they a thing? How about joining a friend during a custom? That makes good sense too yeah? Since you're so good at making excuses for 343, I got another: why do we not have our emblems in h2c mm? It makes individual call outs impossible. It's stupid and borderline game breaking. How about Australians still not finding a match? That's not their fault even, right? Do me a favor, please. Visit this thread, and sort by new and read op.. http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/3d9ypg/still_frustrated_about_the_state_of_mcc_so_am_i/ This is a game that was released 9+ months ago. And they "give" us odst without firefight? I want a refund. Why can't I swear here? For all you know, I typed in the stars. also, I got a warning I had to acknowledge before responding to you for a vulgar profile. Are the mod tools on this site as broken as MCC? Oh, and the h2c br was hitscan. And it is nowhere near what it was at range. I attached a pic so you could see what a kid I am as well. Hey did you guys watch the h2a championships last weekend and see the two hour delay that was caused by the exclusion of LAN capabilities? God that was some funny stuff. Did you also see how they had to cancel their own sponsored tournament a few months back because the game is broken? Lol. Lolol. Just desserts. There's gonna be egg on a lot of faces again when halo 5 comes out. I don't think his nuts are big enough for both of us so you'd better get off man. I was here first. I respect and appreciate your opinion and post. I apologize about being so antagonistic. But all I see anymore are apologetic, blind (imo) fanboys who chastise those of us with legitimate gripes. Here's to hoping we're both wrong. Take it easy man and hmu if you ever wanna run some ctf bg. Should have a pretty big squad tonight so may even get down on some 8v8 sidewinder.
  2. You seem like the type of person who's incapable of critical thought, so I'm not surprised you'll give them more money. hunt for truth? Got the new cod preordered as well I assume? I don't expect this post to change anything. But it needs to be said. They know. We know. Idk how people like you don't see it. I notice you couldn't disagree with much? Just remember when h5 launches: I told you so. Also, nice forum. Can't even edit a post on mobile. My autocorrect did some stuff and some typos in there too. I guess you got the gist though You boys enjoy the death of a great IP first hand. I'll be watching from the sidelines saying "called it."
  3. I won't get into details.. All I want you to look at is the UI. Have you ever tried to change teams in a custom game? Press x to go to roster (that functions and populated about once a week), select yourself, then change team? Lol. Lolol. Gawd. Was this someone's senior project? Is it a prank? How about how in CE where the in-game controller diagram shows what the boxer config was meant to be and whit it should be (for h2 too btw).. But it's not that way in game? Yeah, my RB should switch grenade type. That's useful! Have you ever tried to download a custom game type or map? Goodness, it's like going around to get to your elbow. This is not difficult stuff. Never mind the hit detection issues and all the other stuff. That's terrible too obviously. I'm seriously just curious how they screwed up even the simplest stuff so badly. I think interns made this game and 12 year olds play tested it. Makes sense; all the suits care about is ROI so they put as little mo eat and talent into it as possible to sell consoles. It's packaged free w every XBOne now. Here we are, 9 months after launch. Very little communication. But they're leaving it behind because they either can't fix it or can't justify spending the $ on doing so...and doing right by their once dedicated fanbase for once in their short existence. Because they know the idiot fanboys will still buy h5 this year. 343/m$ has killed halo. This forum is a ghost town compared to what it should be; same for the subreddit and LFG sites. H5, no split screen. No LAN parties? I gotta buy another XBOne and two copies of the game just to play w my gf? Cancel your h5 preorders, kids. Only buy the game used. Do not give 343 anymore money. It hurts the industry as a whole and especially XBOne owners by encouraging this type of business practice. Look at their track record: two broken, rushed, corner cutting games released my an inept developer and a money hungry corporation.
  4. Thanks! Found some great nailbiting games tonight via reddit/haloplayers. Look forward to being a member of this community. Just seems so quiet. Makes me
  5. Mostly interested in h1 (ctf bg classic, etc), h2, and a little h3 Would love to run an old school "LAN" party on xbl a couple times a week. I'm not very good, but enjoy having fun with other like minded people. I'm 31, my gf who plays with me often is 30, so no squeakers or jerks or mlg pros please. Add me for now, or for future. Tired of looking for custom games and coming up empty. 343, why'd you kill the halo community?
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