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  1. Hey guys and girls, I just got a xbox one and just seeing if any of you would like to play sometime with my and my friend, we play swat, halo 3 ranked, team slayer, big team battle, and a few other games, just let me know if you want to play and I'll send you an invite (:
  2. Is this happening to anyone else? My and a friend try to play together but a lot of the time it will not let us join each others party, both of our Internet connections are open, when I log out and log back in sometimes it will tell us that the multiplayer option is not available, but 5 minutes later we're good, I don't know if it's the game, or just us.
  3. Hopefully in the near future they will make swat ranked, it's just tons of fun for a lot of people and everyone asks when it will be out, I am one of those people and would live to know the answer, thank you!
  4. Anyone know if team snipers will be available in the future?
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