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  1. I've been trying for 2 days, but site won't respond when trying to connect. Tried on Chrome and Explorer.
  2. As a diehard Reach fan (addict), the H5 Beta initially looks too much like H4 (which I absolutely hated). However, as an optimist who really wants any excuse to fall in love with another Halo installment, these changes sound encouraging and actually address some of my complaints. To be fair, I don't have the MCC and didn't participate in the beta. So my remaining issues with H5 are just from viewing gameplay. But for anyone at 343 that wants to listen, here they are: 1. I hope "lighting improvements" includes toning down the glare a little bit, or at least allow it in visual settings without making the rest of the setting too dark. 2. I think the commentator needs rerecording, not just "general tuning." The guy sounds like he's announcing from a toilet in a tunnel. 3. Is there any bloom? I saw the reticle change during trigger pulls but I couldn't tell if that was H5's version of bloom or just fancy detail. I know many players may disagree, but imo a little bloom prevents a lot of sloppy AR insta-kills and noob DMR spamming. 4. Red-Blue sides should alternate throughout any round-based game to ensure balance. 5. Frags leave some sort of waist-high CG ghost (saw it on Breakout). If that's just part of the beta, fix it. If it's intentional, lose it. 6. Where the assassination visuals? I didn't see them in any videos. 7. I don't agree with highlighting placed/dropped weapons, and I'm not sure how I feel about power weapon spawn announcements. I know it may encourage more engagement, but it also takes away a huge advantage of map knowledge and doesn't reward those players that bother to pay attention to spawn times. 8. I hope "Modifications to the motion tracker" means it will be more like the one in Reach... just my personal preference. 9. The Spartans look a little better than what I remember from H4, but they still look a little bit like toy dolls. Improve armor and make them look more realistic (like real people could actually fit under that armor). It's better than H4, you're almost there! 10. I don't have a problem with the dudebro animations. This is MATCHMAKING guys; the Spartans' behavior doesn't have to be consistent with canon. Those animations are intended to reflect the foolishness of us, the fun shenanigans of players, not characters from any storyline. I say double down: let us see some celebratory in-zone dances, a point-and-teabag combo, whatever. Have fun with it. :-) Either way, after getting burned on H4, I don't plan to invest $400+ on an XBox 1 and Halo 5 until after heavy research and reflection after release. But speaking for many Reach fans that also hated H4, considering our own tastes could go along way towards getting us on board. 
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