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  1. Im LF anybody willing to play halo Master Chief collection on co-op on any game. prefer legendary but willing to play any difficulty. i also love custom games and i have a mic. my Gamertag is "GuitarSolo4ever" send me a message on Xb1 so i know to add u and we can play MCC bigs me that its so hard to find co op parteners on MCC
  2. Hi ive been playing halo since 2002. ive beaten every halo game on legendary already. I just got MCC and now im looking for somebody to rebeat halo 1-4 on legendary with. even if you dont want to play on legendary i still want to play co op with you. basically anybody who wants to play co op send me a message pn XB1. my GT is "GuitarSolo4ever" bugs me that theres no reach or odst on here lol. Also anybody who likes custom games add me and send me message. I LOVE CUSTOM GAMES!!!!! and co op
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