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  1. Join HINT for a Halo MCC clan and we will talk message me GNU0075
  2. Happiness,Intelligence,Nobility,and Teamwork this is a clan for everybody who wants to have fun with people and all play a game we love. Hi i am GNU0075 and i have created H.I.N.T for one purpose to breathe new life into the Halo clan community we have tons of huge communities out there that have lost the soul behind what really makes a clan great and that's making friends. I have been part of a couple of clans over my time and have a small amount of knowledge in leadership. I am not saying that what the bigger clans do is wrong in fact there are somethings i agree with them on. Here are a few things you will need to know about this clan 1. There will be a non-mandatory clan meeting once a week 2. There will be a simple rank system simply because without leadership there chaos 3. This is a new clan that currently consists of myself 4. A mic is required to be part of us 5. We are here to enjoy the game! So message me on XBL my GT is GNU0075 and we will go from there Alot of things are still in development so there may be some changes in the early stages of this clan so please bear with me. Thank you
  3. Join Oracles Polyphony a well organized clan for all players casual and competitive we focus on using callouts in battle and we feel communication is key We require a few changes to Armor(H2A ONLY)Color(H2A ONLY), Clan Tag, and Call sign Once you join you will be placed in infantry after a short time in infantry you can join a division Spec Ops: Snipers Rangers: Heavy Weapons and Vehicles Honor Guard: Solves problems within the clan Message GNU0075 if intrested
  4. Yes we are fairly new so we are recruiting as hard as we can
  5. This clan is named Oracles Polyphony We stand out because we are out for more than just members we are building a family you gain the experience of becoming truly close with your new clan mates with opportunities in leadership to leave your mark on someones Halo experience and forever change someone's ability to play the game better
  6. Join this clan if you are looking for a fun enviorment for both casual and hardcore gamers alike this is a place for anyone looking to up thier game in Halo MCC we have a few requirements regarding Armor, Color ,Emblem , Clantag and you must have a mic I know this may be a turn off for some but trust me when I tell you the change is worth the quality of gaming with the new friends you will make Message GNU0075 for more details or if you want to join
  7. Lonely? Looking for a quality team? Bored? Look no further Join Epsilon Fleet today with lots of members to team up with youll never kill an elite alone again or spartan if your into that kinda thing. With a military style rank system feel accomplished as you ascend to leadership or dont if you are the foot soldier type This is for Halo MCC Message GNU0075 on Xbox1 for details
  8. Gamertag:GNU0075 Im looking for a Military based clan with a moderate amount of members I work well with teams and can take orders shoot me a message if you would want to pick me up
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