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  1. We are redoing all campain with my childhood friend. We finished Halo CE today.
  2. first of all, thanks for your work. I m really grateful to be able to play Halo CE and Halo 2 and to discover Halo 3 and 4. Now that is done, I bought that game to play with my friends like back in the days. However, it is not possible for me to play with them. let me explain the situation. Live in UK, I have friends in France, Belgium, Switzerland and when we party together. We cannot find a game. I quit the party and they find a game directly. when we do a custom game, we can play for a while but then suddenly "my game" wants to become party leader and kick everyone or decide to end the game and we all come back at the menu. These issues are very frustration as I bought a Xbox One for that game to play with my friend. I don't know if anyone else has already reported you that kind of issue but it seems like we are connected to different server and UK is setup with North America and not with EMEA that's why I cannot play with my friends. Also, even the campaign with a friend is lagging, about half a second. I don t understand how is that happening with a 30M connection. thanks for reading Regards Samikaz
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