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  1. MCC update is stuck at 89%. Installed offline to hard drive but stuck for 5 hours on 89%. Someone please help.

    1. Jack Of Harts

      Jack Of Harts

      There's the problem; you're trying to install it offline.

    2. Unease Peanut
  2. Hi, I have been having problems ever since release. I have tried installing the game and realized it wasn't ever going to finish so I disconnected from internet to install on hard drive. After the game was installed, I started the update process. It took one to two hours to get to 89% and now I have been stuck on it for about 5 hours now. The update goes to "Queued" over half the time during the update, so I have to keep manually resuming the installation. Someone please help.
  3. Welcome to the Community RIKERRR :welcome:

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