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  1. Do you think you'll learn about the precursors in the game, from the forerunner's view via 'temples' as the Sanghelli would put it. Oh my god i loved when Phyllis was trapped in there the elites were flipping, it was so funny. i could just image them running around shouting wort wort Phyllis?! wort wort. I got off topic i'm sorry.
  2. I was really tired from studying, wasn't paying attention to my tab or space bar inputs :/ Can probably tell i do not study programming lol
  3. Hi all, I'm very new. Like today new. Honestly i'm just following the bot's advice and starting a post. Iv'e always been into Halo lore. Good stuff, great stuff actually. Read all the books, at least the ones that are existing relevant to my knowledge and am looking forward to "Broken Circle". Lemme know what you like about Halo lore, maybe to neat stuff like how "contact Harvest" used Nordic mythology in the naming of many of it's context. I probably sound like a total noob.. Regards MetalPolarBear
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