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  1. i think if you look close you can see the monitor not a robot eye
  2. whats that in the reflection of chief's visor in the cea wallpaper TADA!!!!
  3. cowbell and grunt b day party had a baby!
  4. Do you think they'll use the halo 3 flood graphics for cea or will they create their own?
  5. they actually didnt change much they just gave it a newer feel
  6. im sort of excited 343 is making halo they might add some cool new concepts to it but i also hope they will keep the classic halo feel
  7. lol "pull switch to kill all noobs" id like that button
  8. cool thanks so it will sort of be like odst how it had the h3 multiplayer plus 3 more maps
  9. that will mean more armor lock noobs NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  10. will there be forge on the halo ce aniversary muliplayer maps since there on the reach engine?
  11. lol as soon as i get the game im gonna press the back to past button as fast as i can to see if it will lag
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