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  1. Sign me up, someone should let peanut see how you get killed
  2. Can I join too?
  3. Finnaly, was getting tired of people quiting during match and you end up with 2 against 1.
  4. I have so much hope, yet I feel so dreaded. this could either become a huge succes. or worse, the next phantom menace..... Lets hope for the best.
  5. Might even get it, like playing these games more with my mouse than on a smartphone, or console. I guess.
  6. If you dont play Dust on hard, the game wil be waaay to easy, i completed it on PC on Hard, it was fun.
  7. It looks fun, I always wanted to paly with claptrap!
  8. Isn't that the same system Diablo 3 uses? the loot that is dropped is yours. you only see your loot?
  9. Hello. I'm Senguie, I'm 22 years old. I live in the Netherlands. My brother "Coldfreeze" is 5 minutes older. I don't play as much Halo as most of you I suppose but i wil try. I dont think i can join much events, because he is mostly playing Xbox. Nice meeting you al.
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