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  1. If you are right and the anomalies that they are detecting are indeed the Flood, then in all likelihood, they are coming back with a vengeance. Unbeknownst to the humans, they had not actually found a cure; the Flood had chosen not to infect the humans instead; The precursors who were now the Flood allowed the idea of a cure to gain credence, so that in the future more efforts would be diverted to attaining it rather than simply excising the infection. When the Flood returned, the Forerunners—Who had devolved humanity and destroyed its civilization—were entirely unprepared to challenge the Flood properly If the Flood could do this, then what stops them from coming back? If a Gravemind formed on Installation 05 then logically, a Key Mind may have formed somewhere else in the galaxy. I would have more, but most of the articles I click on are 6 year-olds arguing about why the Flood as an enemy suck and shouldn't be put back in the game at all.
  2. Arbiter? OP? How about the Chieftain and his DPS Brutes of Amazing Awesomeness?
  3. woah title of video says HD if thats HD then id hate to see regular O.o and wuts wit hthe black squiggly line on the pics
  4. soooo it takes skill to run and hide?
  5. if a gun is gas operated then how can it keep firing until the clip is empty or it overheats?
  6. i would do that but im not rly goin to record it me and my bro r just going to have some rpg fun with some frends and its cheaper then buying 2 copies of the same thing and we dont even have a computer that will run it but either way i will have to wait for creative to come out otherwise this will not b possible within a reasonable amount of time if the xbox version does not have it i will have to wait either way
  7. come on ppl give me some ideas remember no suggestion is stupid unless they r telling me to get lost or get a life or the latter
  8. didnt ur mother ever tell u to not run with pointy objects
  9. im sry man there is just no way that could possibly happen theres always going to b somebody that thinks that way
  10. So me and my brother r going to start a minecraft rpg as soon as we get it for the xbox and i need some more ideas so if u can could u plz help o and heres the first "encounter" with the main bad guy (me) o and just for reference every encounter except a scarce few will be nothing but me leaving signs and past the first part he has nothing to do with the story heres the first part "Hello,Heroes, you can and WILL call me The Overseer for later mentioned reasons. I have taken control of Minecraftia and it is up to you to take it back from me. You have no hope to stop me buuut you are welcome to try. I've been watching you, I feel you are ready, shall we begin? I've hidden portals all over Minecraftia. In them you will find items you'll need on your journeys.If you find everything I will know so don't bother trying to contact me. I will be watching you the ENTIRE journey."they then move to the chests that i leave them."In these chests I've left items in them that are tailored to your individual personalities... Please don't try to take anyone else's weaponry.(For obvious reasons.) RULE TIME!!! NO CHEATING!!!!!!!!! You must use these diaries to keep track of your adventures.No less then one page, as long as you want them to be.Here's your first goal--for now i want you to do a little more exploring. P.S. Flip this switch when you are done with each brake." ok now ive got 2 1/2 parts going here so i need some help with this if u want now if all your goin to do is tell me how stupid i am get out of here we dont need your stupid comments got it? ok then\ please note that by the time i read each suggestion i will probably be farthur than i am now so please keep this in mind when u post THX oh ya and when u suggest something i will add it to my possible goals list so post as many suggestions as you want but do try to NOT SPAM come on guys 53 views and only five replys? srsly
  11. ya know u fire and thedarkesthour u gotta let him do what he wants with his free time u 2 r just being stupid little party poopers o and by the way Mator great job and good video
  12. we will fight mountains of garbage and poo.....
  13. there r topics like these where the guy to make the post gets so mad and defensive but this is the first one ive seen that doesnt he states his opinion and moves on with life which is far more mature than the other ppl putting up posts like this
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