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  1. I'm an old school player from back in the day (pre-nerf of Arby-Anders and maybe 6 months to a year afterwards?) and stopped playing HW ~5 years ago. Wouldn't call myself a 'top player' but I was probably in the second tier of HW players and was friends with and played with/against lots of top players. Really loved this game and have tons of fond memories with it, and I finally have some time over the summer to really sink my teeth into it again. My questions: Is the multiplayer still competitive to any degree? In the old days there was real heavy competition and rivalry both in-game and in the old forums (legendary flame wars) and it was just a blast. I was saddened to come here and see the forums mostly dead, but is there still a reasonable online community (don't have Gold atm and it will be a few days). Has the metagame changed noticeably since the early days? I'm talking mostly in terms of 1v1, since that's what I'll be playing. What are the main builds going around for 1v1? Have there been any balance patches?
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