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  1. So is anyone else excited for this game?... I know this is a Xbox forum mostly but I want to see who is excited for the upcoming Persona Q for 3DS! I loved Persona ever since the first one for PS1... I have every single Persona game.. Hell I bought a VITA just to get Persona 4 Golden.. Now I'm doing the same with Persona Q.. I'm getting the Persona Q 3DS XL Handheld and the Collectors Edition of the game. Halo and Persona are my two favorite games.. I must say if you guys have a PS1, PS2, PS3 (backwards compatible), or a VITA.. I would definitely check out this game... My personal favorite is Persona 4 (Also Persona 4 Golden) and Persona 3 would be my next favorite. Also I cant wait for Persona 5 for the PS3 and PS4 next year.. I'm personally getting mine on the PS4. But back on topic.. Is anyone excited for Persona Q like me? Or is anyone going to give it a try? I promise the game wont be a let down.. Well I hope it isn't at least.. Here are some videos on Persona Q:
  2. Updated with a few character designs.
  3. Okay so today I'm going to explain to you how to make a arm rig tutorial. This could also apply for tails, legs, feet, neck, tentacles, even the body. This rig gives you a traditional look as well so it doesn't make it look like its a robot you could say? This method does give it more of a better look then a normal rig. Just keep in mind that I made this drawing and animation sample just for the tutorial so I spent little time with it. Step 1: Your going to want to draw your object and set up the bones like so: After you do that make sure they are all connecting properly. As you can see from the image above the bones go in this order: Bone 4 connects with Bone 3, Bone 3 connects with Bone 2, Bone 2 connects with Bone 1 (Parent Bone) The Joints go in this order: Joint 1 connects to Bone 2, Joint 2 connects to Bone 3, Joint 3 connects to Bone 4 Step 2: So now you are going to bind each vector point to what ever bone you need to connect it to. Here is my example: As you can see I mostly bind everything to the joints beside the hand which was bind to Bone 4. Now for those who don't know how to bind points you select the select bones tool select the bone that you need to select then the very last tab on that area there will be a tool called the bind points tool you click it and highlight the points and at the top it will say bind points. You click that button and it will bind the points to the selected bone. Step 3: Now you are going to do this step to all your Joints. Select your joints and click on the Bone Constraints tab. It will bring down a drop down menu. Go down to Angel Control Bone and select the Bone that Joint is connected to. Then set it to 0.5 or .5 As you can see in my example I selected Bone 2 since Joint 1 is connected to Bone 2. Step 4: Now you are going to move one of the Bones to make it move. It will get disorted like so: Now you are just going to fix the points by manually clicking them and dragging them to the proper position so that way its not distorted anymore and it moves smoothly. Now here is the video example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzi_bLkH_m8&feature=youtu.be
  4. Updated nothing is final just testing out the visuals.
  5. You probably played a eroge. .-. XD Ah I may try that out I am mostly looking forward to the Angel Beats! Visual Novel... Anyways as you know I am making a anime series so this is more of a side thing... Also I was planning on making this a series to but I rather have LOVE X LIFE be a visual novel first.. Anyways working on my own anime series and a few other animating jobs is enough for right now.. I may make my anime Fallen Destiny a visual novel later on but nothing official yet... But I am going to try to get this on Xbox One and PS4 to I have my licenses so lets see what happens. I may also push for 360 and PS3 release... As well with a Wii U, 3DS, 2DS, and PSVita release... Of course right now main platform is PC but I want to extend it to consoles. Like I said I have my licenses in Unity and Unreal... I just need to look into the process once a project is completed..
  6. Huh? Actually visual novels are about the story and also choosing what the character does to affect the story..
  7. I will be posting more updates today or tomorrow.
  8. I understand that...... But the thing is I don't think I made it clear enough this is a tragic serious story with so much emotion in it... The main character goes through a lot but love can solve everything but life can make it worse by interfering and making things collapse..
  9. Geez guys no it wont have porn elements.... I would have added "Hentai" to the genre area if it was... Hentai is animated porn or a game that is basically porn or more known as rated A..... It is Ecchi though which for the most part is panties and bras for comic relief... But no complete nudity.. Not planned for right now at least... Some Ecchi just show the breast uncovered but I don't plan on doing that... LOVE X LIFE is the title since it fits the project best.. Anyways if I did ended up putting in sexual content and lots of nudity I would make two versions... The rated M version which will leave out the sex scenes and nudity... Then the rated A version which will contain all that original content if it ends up being in there.... As of right now I don't plan on making a rated A version but its a possibility... Anyways even if I did I would post the rated M version which wont have that content.
  10. I would like to note that I will be updating this as I go... Right now all I have to show is the title screen and the title screen is even a place holder..... Anyways LOVE X LIFE - 愛X生活 is a visual novel I am creating with Unity and Anime Studio Pro! Genre: Piece of Life, Romance, Comedy, Ecchi, Action, Suspense, Puzzle, Thriller, and Gore Story (The Story Is Still Being Developed & It Can Change As Well): A boy who had a troubled past that ruined his youth... Which he could never get back due to the darkness that has corrupted his soul which leads him to a never ending world of suffering... Until he was adopted by this nice family that had two kids of their own.. He then started his normal life with this family and now attends public school. Where will his faith take him in life? As the player you go through the story and have decisions to make throughout the story. You lead his faith and control what path he goes down.. Don't say its bland just yet I am trying to prevent much spoilers as possible. [] This story is going to have so many twist and turns and everything could have a different outcome due to the choices you make! The only reason I am making the post this early with only a place holder main menu at the moment is because I want to post every update so you guys could see the development of this... Basically you guys will see this visual novel be built from the ground up.... I hope its not a waste I am just excited to announce this project... Cant wait to post more updates. Main Menu Place Holder #1: Concept Art Background #1 (Not Final Just Showing Off Visuals): Character Designs Guy Design 1: Girl 1: Girl 2: Girl 3:
  11. Lel special edition comes with Reach, ODST, and Wars.... XD Only if it were true...
  12. Anime Studio is the best animation software you could get... Its the honest truth... Its just hard to work with for some people who are coming from Flash or Toon Boom since its tools act different... With Anime Studio you could do anything but even more.. I would recommend it for professionals like myself and beginners... I always used Anime Studio for my animation.. Ever since I discovered it when it was in Anime Studio Pro 6 I have not used anything else but Anime Studio Pro... It beats Flash and Toon Boom by a long shot... Originally Flash isn't even made for animation... More for HTML.. Toon Boom would be the next best choice.. But Anime Studio all the way my friend.. I praise it... Really.. Its such a powerful tool... Also if you ever do get it and need help feel free to message me! I will help ya! That is the only thing that sucks.. The community is not so good when it comes to help and tutorials really... Also a lot of people use it for hobby... Where I use it for professional work so I could cover the program top to bottom with ya! Also I plan on doing a give away for Anime Studio Pro 10.1 sometime next month so keep an eye out for that if you don't buy it anytime soon. But I totally recommend it.. Best software out there for animation.. Its just really powerful with frame by frame and bones.. I know I repeated myself a lot but its just amazing my friend...
  13. Just to keep everyone updated I got all the voice actors and we are starting to record the first episode and the first season is completely written... Animation process is going to happen after the recordings are finished... Also the whole first season soundtrack is complete along with the backgrounds. Also we are going to write the second season soon.
  14. I had my one scene set up that is why I used that for the last parts. I hope this helps or it was good... I am not exactly the best person when it comes to things like this... But I hope it was good and it helped... If you want I could make a video for y'all. Also I did very minor tweaks since I was going for wavey hair since its windy in the scene.. Also yes this character is from H.O.T.D. Highschool of the Dead! Also sorry for the nudity... <.< This should help well I hope.. Sorry if its bad... .-. So basically you want to draw your character (of course) make sure you break things up in separate layers example: Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg, etc.. This just makes it easier when layer sorting... After your done drawing your character create a bone and put all your layers in the bone.. So basically your going to want to make the parent bone first.. When you draw your body make sure you set up the bones I usually have two.. One for lower and one for upper.. Make sure it is connecting to the parent.. Then for the arms make sure to draw the shoulder bones then draw the arms.. But remember when you draw the shoulder bones make sure it connects with the chest.. Then you will select the chest again if you decide to rig the neck, head, and hair.. Now when it comes to legs you need to select the parent bone again.. Over all it should look like this. Sorry I literally just put this together... So sorry if the character looks bad.. XD Also as you can see I do everything on separate layers.. So now we got a basic rig to do basic movements... I suggest not using these for complete arm and leg movements... Since it looks like a robot in my opinion... Now this is when we come to smart bones to make the rig more complex! So for my example I will just be doing the hair. :3 The method is still the same either way.. So basically all you will do is draw a bone to the side and then you will go up to bone and make a smart bone dial.. Name it whatever you want.. So for my example I will name it "Hair" You will then go to window and actions.. It should bring up a window.. Just make sure you double click on the "Yourname" Action in my case its "Hair" So now go to a different frame I will go to "15" and make my movements (I will also make a few more adjustments along the way).. You will make your movements by moving each vector also known as points.. To your liking.. Just keep doing this until you got what you want.. You said making it reusable.. So make smart bones for 3/4 turns, front turns, back turns, side turns, hair movements. etc... So now after you set it up to your liking.. Go back to the action windows and double click mainline so you could go back to the main timeline.. So now that you got that.. You should be able to move the bone and it should apply what you did in the smart bones action.. So that is it on that really.. Video Example:
  15. I don't even know what you are talking about... All models and textures are the same... It doesn't matter on what map file you use... Also as for the skeleton that is all in the jmad tag... This is if we are talking about Halo 3 .map files.... So you will extract the mode of a spartan, hlmt, bipd, jmad and also the char tag.
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