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About Me

Well, since I'm going to try be more active here now, time for a reworked Bio I guess.


I'm Connor named after the amazing protagonist of Assassin's Creed III, am I native American? No. Do I live in the United States? Another No.


So for those who decide to read this, enjoy I guess? its been a while since I was here so may as well put my life story in my bio idek.


So after the forum died down in activity I ended up leaving? I wouldn't really put it as that though to be honest, it was more like an extended vacation, albeit I didn't really plan on leaving it just sorta happened. So in the past 2 or so years I've been gone, good and bad has both happened in my life, I met a girl who is the most amazing person and has, for some crazy reason decided to stick it out with me, as for the rest? My highschool friendships basically all but vanished except for a few due to a rough falling out that occurred right at the end of highschool, I've been going to uni since I left and its been not as enjoyable as I hoped it would be although I've been able to survive purely thanks to the positivity my girlfriend provides my life with.


And thats where I'm at currently, the end of 2018, who knows maybe one day I'll see everyone from the forums in game again some day if not, see you star side

- Connor

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