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  1. Frag grenades are the best because, they bounce across terrain and they actually explode bigger than plasmas. Also frags, aren't as effective if you don't use them the right way: when an enemy is near you, like right in front of you throw it down-wards on a surface so it will bounce right in their face. That's what I think.
  2. They all sound cool but survivor is my favourite.
  3. Hello, I'm James, I love football and rugby. Silent Wolf is one of my BEST friends, which is why he was my first friend on this site; furthermore, he helped my to get onto this amazing 343 industries website so if you are looking for help then you should defo ask him. He might say he isn't very good at, well, helping and computer stuff but I've known him for just over 8 years and I am 11. This was written in june 2013 so if I leave this blog you can work out how long I've known him for in 3 years time. Likes and interests. The Yogscast is amazing! I espesially like Honeydew and Inthelittlewood. I am also really interested in the ukulele. Starfish is a band in Lewes, which I am thinking of joining (as I mentiond Lewes I must tell you that I live there but I am sure you live in better places than Lewes, which is in England, somewhere). If you have an xbox 360 then you should send me a friend request. So, that is just a little bit about me and my life (where I live). If you need help then just ask Silver Wolf. PLEASE message me on this and be my friend or be my friend on the xbox 360 (only if you have live). G1ngerNinja175.
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