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    Well I love Halo. Also, I am interested in anything Toyota. (I drive a modded Tacoma)

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  1. This kills me, I loved Spartan Ops. Even though firefight was awesome, Spartan Ops added so much. Halo 5 better have a great and lengthy campaign.
  2. Wayy ahead of you on that idea Ah, that's good to know. I had said that though due to the glowing color of the visor resembling Cortana's color and because the art shows it as Cheif's "reflection" or "other half." Made sense to me at least.
  3. The things flying in the background don't look forunner in nature. I'd say this maybe some alien planet. Also the flying things look like something out of The Matrix
  4. OP, what do you mean return of the Mac blast? Are you saying there should be a "kill streak" to have the Mac blast from Halo Wars?
  5. Ok, I have my own theory about the teaser image and its mystery spartan. I really want ya'll to brace yourselves for this one... Its Cortana
  6. Prometheans that don't look like clowns. Although, no telling if that is who we will be facing this time around.
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