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  1. Hi, I'm playing Halo for some time, stoped and now I have the oportunity to play Halo 4 On march 6 a friend lend me his copy of the while I was waiting for mine. Since then I played the campaign in normal and some online Infinity wars. On march 20 my Limited Edition of the game reach my home and now i'm playing it with all the DLC installed. What I found about the game in these days and what I realize now. I can't achieve the Crimson DLC achievements since there's now Crimson DLC rotation, I don't understand why they took it away, maybe some people want to play on them. Even thou I have the DLCs while I'm playing Matchmaking those maps never appear on my rotation, since not everyone has the DLCs (i think), that's why people need those map rotations. The leveling system is lacking comparing with Reach (almost imposible to finish it), I see lots of 130 people around. Maybe new especialization will be nice. Soon, they will delete the Majestic matchmaking for something new and those achievement will be floating there, imposible to achieve. Now, this is Halo, a very good franchise, people expect to play the game for years (i hope the game will work on the new xbox), you just can leave things out because you want, just add new stuff but don't delete the old. Now the other stuff, I need people to play the campaing on legendary with me, I suck and need help, I'll just leave my GT here: I L0k1 I. If there's a group of people that want to play, just add me and I'll play. Thanks. PD: If I found something new, that I don't like or need a fix, I'll come back here. PD2: The devs reads this?
  2. I already fix it. The thing was that i have the waypoint app for iOs and bought the maps, but i could use them only on the iPad, were I paid for, but on the iphone asks me to pay them again. But it's already fix, thanks
  3. I have bought the Atlas maps for the iOS app, in my iPad, but when I'm trying to access the maps on the iphone i can't do it. Anyone know if there is a way to restore the purchases?
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