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  1. Creator: "BaDaSsBaS1L1Sk" Map name: "Ball Park" Gametype: "Play Ball" Map link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/players/badassbas1l1sk/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Gametype link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/players/badassbas1l1sk/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 This mini game is designed for 16 players for an optimal game, but can be played with any number of players. It is a map and gametype that I made for those who wish to play Baseball in Halo 4. It features a dug-out, a pitcher's mound, three(3) bases and a home base as well as base lines. Because the maximum player limit in Halo 4 is 8 vs 8, there is no catcher unless the fielding team is up to the challenge of losing a fielder. There were many issues discovered when play testing this mini game such as the difficulty to hit the ball with the "bat"(gravity hammer) because of the automatic pickup of the oddball. To counter this, I have turned automatic pickup OFF. Although this puts fielders at a slight disadvantage. I did try trait zones, but they do not allow to change automatic pickup as it is a gametype setting rather than a player trait. This map is made on "Ravine" and because the area to play in is quite small, I have added what I call the "Homerun Line", which is basically a line that surrounds the walls around the field at about the halfway point. In MY ruleset, if the oddball hits the wall above this point, it is instantly a Homerun. As this is not part of the actual game, you can change this as you please. The red team spawns in the fielding positions while the blue team spawns in the dug-out. There are nine(9) innings (rounds), each lasting twelve(12) minutes. This gives enough time for five(5) minutes as fielders/batters and two(2) minutes to switch sides. Thanks to everyone at THFE for teaching me the best forge tips out there. Any feedback(bug fixes and ideas for future maps) is greatly appreciated. Thank You!
  2. Download: BaDaSsBaS1L1Sk 's fileshare Gametype: Mad Dash Map Variant: Mad Dash I wasn't really sure if this counts as competitive or as a mini-game!!! Mad Dash is a fun CTF variant built in the Grifball Court. It comprises of 4 Bases (one in each corner) for each of the 4 teams (Red, Blue, Gold and Green). Each base has: 4 Initial Spawns, 4 Respawns, Dominion Shields (Protecting the door and Ceiling)and 1 Dominion Turret on the roof. In the centre of the room there is a small sandbag emplacement with 4 mounted machine gun turrets, one facing each base. The gametype is set up so that each player has random weapons, a hard light shield, 3 second respawn times and unlimited lives. The match will go on for an unlimited time until a team has scored 5 captures. Please inform me of any bugs, glitches or improvements I could make to this map. Thank You!
  3. Gamertag: BaDaSsBaS1L1Sk Map name: UNSC Base Aesthetic I have made a small map with some UNSC themed buildings. On this map there is a triple-barrelled turret, 2 pipe-lines( 1 short and 1 long) a reactor, and a communications tower. The map is in my fileshare. Thank you for any feedback provided.
  4. Could you make a t+t video on what maps(more specifically, parts of maps) you should try to take inspiration from and how to choose what weapons you put on small to medium sized(4v4, 6v6) ,aps without making them too overpowered? Thanks
  5. Just so you all know, episodes 4+5 are now up on my file share. These are the final two episodes so I hope you enjoyed the series and I will hopefully be making more flood maps in the future! I will probably be making a Prologue map for the series but it will be on the Crimson map pack. The reason it will not be part of the main story is because I know not everyone has the map pack and I don't want people to HAVE to buy the map pack to finish the whole story. Thanks for all your support!
  6. Anyone how has, or is planning to, download the first map in the series, please download it TOMORROW(December 31st 2012)! As I have discovered a few bugs that need fixing and will fix them today. Thank you.
  7. The Crash By "BaDaSsBaS1L1Sk" With help from "antro 1" Gametype: "The Crash" Map variants: "The Crash: Episode___: __________" How to download: 1: start "halo 4" 2: sign in to Xbox Live 3: Press start on the controller 4: find "custom search" and search for "BaDaSsBaS1L1Sk" 5: download gametype "The Crash" 1: start "halo 4" 2: sign in to Xbox Live 3: Press start on the controller 4: find "custom search" and search for "BaDaSsBaS1L1Sk" 5: download map variants "The Crash: Episode___:________" "The Crash" is a flood series following the tales of a group of marines on board a space station when they are attacked by an unknown parasite known simply as "The Flood". The first and third maps in this series is linear but the rest are only linear to an extent(I.e. the map it's self is free-roam but there is a holdout location far from the survivors' spawn with heavy weapons etc.). The series focuses on two groups of marines from the same station, in episode 1, they are together, episode 2 focuses on the group who made it to the escape vehicle, episode 3 is about those who didn't and the rest they have been reunited. For more backstory please read the map descriptions. I apologise that I have no pictures of the maps. Any feedback or ideas given by the community are greatly welcome and I would like to thank you all in advance for your support. Special thanks goes to: "antro 1" for helping me test and make my maps, and of course all the guys at "THFE", especially "Oakley Hidef" for teaching me all the tips that have made me into the forger I am. Anyone how would like to play these maps in a custom game can message me. I will try to reply to messages and if you would like, play any of your maps when there are enough players in the lobby.
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