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  1. fun guy and good at the game KD 1.65 and play frequently! GT: MONSTER PROPs
  2. Glad to see I got so many people thinking the same thing! I know 343s got it. After Reach I said Bungie was killing halo and its time someone brought it back up!
  3. Dont get me wrong Halo 4 is soooo much better than Halo Reach and I know its only been about a month and a half of game play, but come on we need new Playlists to keep players interested. Ive been playing Halo since 2002 so I didnt fall into the CoD fanbase that easily, but CoD has frequent updates on their playlist and make their players happy again and again. Halo seems to try and copy more than be themselves. By far the best online game ever was Halo 2 and since then they have changed up I believe waayy too much. But whatevs its the future so we had to see that coming.To conclude my rambling I will say Halo 4 did bounce back the online community but we need to keep it going and get back some of our favorite playlist. Such as Doubles, Snipers, BTB (not just slayer), Grifball, MLG, and Multiteam. 343 is doing an awesome job though!
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