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  1. So it's been a year and there still aren't really maps that have good old fasion warthogs in them. I can literally count on one hand the number of times I've played Tempest (which I had to pay for the additional map pack) where I was able to jump in the warthog with a teammate and drive around killing people. Even then, it's no Standoff, Valhalla, or Blood Gulch. Which, btw, why the hell would a map be brought back from the original, if you can't play it all like the original? Why the hell can't I play Team Slayer and jump in a God Damn Warthog!!! That is what separated Halo from the other FPS's and it has been taken away. My 3 friends that I have played Halo with since CE have all said they get bored with Reach and would rather play COD or Battlefield, which both suck balls btw, (actually their campaigns are nice, but I really don't care for their multiplayer) Anywho, I can't blame them when the key item that has distiguished Halo from the rest has been all but taken out of multiplayer. And I don't want the rocket hog (which sucks) or the gauss (which is too overpowered for MP), I just want the chain gun warthog! It's simple, its fun, it works! Please reserect it and put in Team Slayer, Arena and Squad Battle. Throw it in Blood Gulch and in some other maps. I don't wanna have to play BTB to jump in a warthog, then have half the other team quit, or get lit up with a scorpion, or a banshee "grenade" (which is also overpowered). I just wanna show off my driving and gunning skills in the staple of Halo. Why do you think it was the first thing you drove on "Halo" and the last thing you drove on "Halo"? Forza 4 did a whole thing dedicated to it for God's sake, but you can't even put it into regular rotaion for a God Damned map in multiplayer? WTF?
  2. First and foremost, I think most people agree that from what we have seen of John in CEA, is that he doesn't look upgraded, especially compared to the the environments and Covenant (which look phenomenal by the way). I actually think he almost looks better in the original. If you could give him the attention you've given the rest of the game, we as fans, we would be much obliged. Second, I understand that what you do is not easy by any measure, but please give us the game that Halo: CE was meant to be! 4 player coop has become a standard now, not an option. Please, please, please, find a way to make it happen! If you are going to update a game, add in a few things that truly would make the game playing experience better. I just wanna play the original with more than just one of my friends. Halo: CE is arguably one of the best campaigns of all time, and playing with more people just makes it that much better! And for those naysayers that think it alters the game too much, they can choose not to. Why not give us the option of playing 1,2,3, or 4 players? (other than it being difficult and time consuming, hell you could even push Halo 4 back another couple months, since there isn't even an official release date) Third, and I realize this is the least likely request to get any significant attention, but whenever I have the opportunity to perform an assassination in Reach, I do. Even if it kills me! It is probably the coolest addition to any FPS, ever. Again if you can find a way to make it happen, please throw it in there. MC is such a badass, it only makes sense to give him the ability to assassinate. And again to all the naysayers, it could be optional, like in Reach. So if you don't wanna do it, don't do it! Just give us the option! Besides, if someone is really going to ***** 'n moan everytime they slit a Covenant's throat, maybe they don't deserve to be playing Halo. Just sayin... Thanks for taking the time to read this and for all your hard work. I guess I just want you to work a little bit harder to bring to us the best game of all time.
  3. Ok, so from what I have seen, Halo: CE Anniversary is only going to be a 2 player co-op campaign. WTF??? Why? Why not make it 4 player? If you are going to remake something, remake it right. Allow for 4 player co-op. That is a must! A 4 player co-op of the best campaign of all time is something I have wanted, ever since 4 player co-op was born. Please don't make the mistake of only 2 player co-op. Just give us the option to have 2 more, please! And I am gonna make a plug for adding assasinations. Just give us the option to do them please, like in Reach. The Chief is clearly more of bad ass than the Spartan III's. Please allow him to illustrate that via assassinations. Thank you.
  4. I think it's funny how most people said they disagree with me, some even completely disagree, especially those that said to keep it the same. Basically the only things I REALLY WANTED added was new graphics and assassinations. The new weapons and armor abilities I really wouln't mind if they weren't in it at all, as Halo CE is arguably one of THE greatest games of all time, if not the best, and keeping something true to it's origin is greatly appreciated. If you read back through you will notice that the major things you all were disagreeing completely with (save assainations), I said it's something that could be good, but I am not really too sure about it or have my heart set on it. They were more question marks, maybe something they want to experiment with in development. And as for the warthogs, it was a little confusing the way I worded it, yes, but I WAS CRITISIZING the fact that there aren't any Warthog levels in Reach multiplayer. They need to bring back multiplayer Warthog levels like Blood Gulch. Throw in Valhalla and Standoff too! I love the warthog! And I said to keep the physics the same! Please read more carefully people before you cretique something! But I think we can all agree that we are excited, which is what makes Halo: CE, the ground breaking game that it is!
  5. Finally! Thank you guys so much for doing this. The trailer looks amazing, and I can't wait to see more! Only thing I want to do is add my two cents. Hopefully, others, including yourselves agreee. And this actually all applies to Halo 4 too... First take everything good from Halo Reach that you can and put it in Anniversary. Such things include: Assasinations - Which I saw for multiplayer, but please put them in campaign too (Edit in response to replies: How does this hurt the original? You have the option not to do the assassination? And it doesn't impact gameplay, so how is adding assassinations different than updating graphics? If you don't like 'em, don't hold down melee!!! They look bad ass, which if you look bad ass up in the dictionary there is a picture of Chuck Norris, but he is actually an ancestor of Master Chief!) Graphics - Again already in the trailer, however the Chief looked a little too polished and shiny...almost cartoonish. If you could make him look a little more beat up like in 3, or like the Spartan III's of Reach, that would be perfect. Armor Abilitities - I am not sure about this actually, but I would be curious to see if it would work, maybe just sprint Weapons - If you don't include new weapons, not that big of a deal, but at the very least keep the original weapons the same, ie pistol Second, get rid of everything bad from Halo Reach such as: No Warthogs in Multiplayer - What the hell was that about in? Yes I realize they had Warthogs if you did BTB, or Invasion or something, but you would always get demolished by a tank. What happened to the Warthog vs. Warthog battles??? My friends and I stopped playing multiplayer because of it. I still play, but they don't think it's as fun anymore, which I agree. Trying too much to be like COD??? (Edit in response to replies: People I am saying that Reach left the Warthog out of multiplayer, which was a huge mistake and needs to be fixed! I want them back so we can have those Warthog battles we loved so much in Blood Gulch and Valhalla!) Vehicle Driving/Physics - Specifically related to the Warthog, it felt like I was driving the damn thing on a trampoline!!! It was rediculous. I think CE and 3 had the best/most similar physics for Warthog driving. Also, driving the Scorpion...waaaaay harder in Reach than in CE or 3. Please bring the physics and driving back! (Edit in response to replies: Again, I am saying the physics in Reach sucked, and so did driving the tank! Bring back the physics and driving of CE and 3) So that's basically it. I am no computer wiz, but I feel like these things are not difficult to encorporate or tweak, since all of them already exist. But then, what do I know about computer programming and game development. I just know what I like, and that's all this is, my humble opinion about what I think Anniversary and 4 should be like.
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