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  1. This, the most true statement of all time. But, the UNSC still uses pump shotguns and gun powder. Nothing beats a classic!
  2. First of all, I am a huge Halo Universe Fan. I love everything to do with Halo. The campaign, multiplayer, achievments, etc. it's beautiful really. I played H1 when it came out, H2 was an incredible sequel, H3, HR, HCEA, H4. All of them are amazing. And 343, you have done better than amazing on H4. What I wanted to mention is the operation of the UNSC weapons. ***I know Halo is not going for the CoD or BF3 type of weapon system & realism, but I wanted to explain what I'm getting at.*** The Shotgun for example: After you have fired the shotgun, you have to pump it to fire it again. By doing this pump action, you eject the spent shell and load a new one. Standard pump shotgun procedure. BUT in the Halo series when you RELOAD the shotgun, regardless of how many shells are in the magazine, it always gets pumped. This does not make any sense because you would be ejecting an unspent shotgun shell from the shotgun. Thus you wouldn't even be reloading it! It would still look fine if it just pumped when completely empty and it was reloaded. There are some other quirks with some of the weapons, but that's the only one that really bothers me. It's nothing to do with gameplay, it's just aesthetics. As I said, not bashing Halo, just wondering if there is a reason behind it or it's something people just don't care about when playing a FPS. Thank You.
  3. This game is by far the greatest thing to happen in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I love the entire Halo universe and the franchise, but Halo: CE & Anniversary is my favorite. The Pistol and Shotgun along with the story makes this game extremely replayable.
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