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  1. Hi im intrested in joining your clan my kd is 0,99 would be better if i didnt let my friends play :-) but i always go positive in matches now,havent played since h3 so i was a bit rusty in the beginning ,but in h3 i was between lvl 45-50 in team swat and i like good teamwork and communications to take home the win. Im 28 years old and from sweden btw. My gt is eg panda crack
  2. Hi im in search of an eu clan,and hopefully there are one to pick me up. Im an 28 soon to be 29 years fps gamer,im an laidback guy that mostly want people to play with.gamers that want to have fun but always go for the win. I havent played halo since h3 so im a bit rusty in h4. Im starting to get into it and my personal best so far is 34-7. I like competetive gaming and cant wait til they release the ranking system.in h3 i was a lvl 47 on team swat and want a high rank in h4 too. If you are intrested in having a guy on your team that always go for the win and like using team work to take home the win msg/add me on xblive my gt is eg panda crack. Im from sweden by the way .
  3. Trying to get funny loadups on youtube? Worst clan idea ever
  4. I understand you do this for entertainment but were is it? Might have been the lamest clip ive ever seen,and whats the big woop about 25-5 when the other team were awful?
  5. I can only agree, havent played halo since h3 but i loved the rank system as u all mentioned. The game becomes more real when theres a rank involved, i played mostly swat and had a lvl between 45-50 and the games were tough and funny as hell beacuse everybody did what they could to take home the win. But now when im playing multiplayer on h4 i dont have so much fun.mostly angry at people that dont playthe gametypes and making our team loose really frustrating. Hopefully 343 takes action and fix it right away.hate when companies doesnt listen to the players.
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