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  1. GT: darth predatorX Medal of Honor Online Pass My Forge World Idea DLC.(Check my profile description, includes old 3 and Reach zombies, Achievements, Armor, Reach Forge plus new Forge maps, Double-Team, Multi-Team, Firefight.)
  2. I agree. I was saying this when 4 came out. I am trying to start a new group with the exact same details as your DLC. A DLC with halo reach forge map on halo4 , new armor, new achievements, new custom game zombies instead of the flood zombies like the zombies in halo reach and 3, a fix to the gun spawn trouble, and ODST armor. If you like and agree, get everybody you know to join the geoup and if you really want to help, you could help me make a website for the event. Hope you can help.
  3. I agree strongly with this idea. If you agree, send this to your friends and their friends as well. If this is heard, forge will be reborn for sure.
  4. Hi everybody. I noticed that you were asking about forge world. Well I believe I have something that will please you very much. Its an idea for 343 to publicize. I have in it an idea for the original Reach forge map, new armor, a time delay on the gun spawn, new achievements, and multi team, double team, and a new fix to the zombies to allow the flood zombies, and the old 3 and reach zombies especially for custom games. If your interested, message me at my xbox gamer tag (darth predatorX) or my email, jgarloch99@hotmail.com. Thank you.
  5. Well I love ragnorak very much. Especially in 3 and 4. its my favorite map. but I do agree that it needs to be a slayer map. Even if they made it multi team or dominion that would work just as well. I think 343 needs to add multi team in that DLC I was talking about in my post. I don't want to be a bother but it would seriously give more options to the players plus it would increase the income of 343 economy. Just food for thought.
  6. Hey 343, I would like to just say that Spartan ops was an epic idea. You know I love wars and reach and 3 very much in halo but 4 coming along rather quickly. bye
  7. darth predatorX


    hey everybody hows it going. have a happy thanksgiving weekend. double hi triple hi
  8. Hey 343 members, I have a little problem. every time I play halo 4, I use a certain set of guns. well if I run away from them for like a second, they disappear. and it wasn't like this on reach or 3. I don't know if this is a glitch or just a weird setting but could you let me know please. Thank you.
  9. Hey if anybody has like any tools for making a machinima video, could like one of you let me know what to get.
  10. Sounds super. Let e know where I have to sign up and I do want ask if this is allowed. I have a team of forgers, around 2-3 other guys, 4 in total. I wanted to know if I could bring them along to the contest. If I need to I will get them settled into the community if requested. Thank You!
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