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  1. Which the Arbiter was in halo 4s story even a little i wish you could at least play as an elite in multiplayer wish*
  2. try making maps off things you think would be fun to play to start and get some ideas off other peoples maps you have played on I perfer a big team heavys game and infection games for custome i like 8v8 and infection games then when you get used to using all the features of forge you can make awesome maps and come up with ideas more often
  3. Im looking for people interested in playing halo custom games i have 30 spots open on my friends list and if your interested in halo custom games from halo 3 to halo 4 add me and put a message saying i'm interested in custom games! oh my gamertag is SoloTheWiseWolf its also in my profile info
  4. i wish halo ODST had a simple firefight matchmaking system if it did i think the game would be worth what i paid
  5. i never played halo 2 online :/ i played all the halos but halo 3 was my first halo game online
  6. Whats up guys My gamertag its SoloTheWiseWolf and i have made a clan in every halo game soo far I just started a new clan for halo 4 Called The Cold Killers and im looking for new recruits we are a small clan of 8 people so far if you have a mic and are over the age of 16 and don't suck hit me up! thanks !
  7. Idk about you guys but I loved Halo Wars and Then ending made me think it will continue kinda like how master chef was sleeping soo is everyone else on the spirit of fire waiting for a rescue. I know the company that made halo wars isn't around anymore but do you guys think that 343 will take on the challenge and make halo wars 2 like they took over the halo series with halo 4? Thoughts?
  8. I miss the map sandbox in halo 3 it had most of the fun costum games i remember back in Halo 3's Glory Days anyone else want them to remake it?
  9. Why was Halo 3's Community More Talkative and Fun compared to reach's and halo 4's quiet and un social is there a reason did i not get a memo or something?
  10. Which do your perfer FireFight or Spartan OPs? I myself perfer Spartan OPs.
  11. What mission do you think is the Hardest to Play Through on Legendary?
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