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  1. I think there even I use both well and I also get killed about the same with both I use the dmr on big maps bc that's where it shines and the br on smaller maps
  2. iv seen cool things with halo 4 with smartglass and i want to have it but its not out for iphone yet anyone know when the ios app is coming for smart glass i know android has it
  3. people r to soft ur most likely never going to see that person ever in your life and if there so narrow minded and have to say stupid and hurtful things mute them screw it im not saying what there doing is right but if u get so upset that people call u names than u have more problems than another xbox live user
  4. i have work monday until 10 pm than speeding to gamestop waiting in line for 2 hours than speeding home and playing until my eyes bleed gonna be a good night lol
  5. i dont know about the camo with it but i herd in a video that if u have a hologram out they see that as a enemy too
  6. hey sorry if this is in the wrong spot but im wonderin if theres a app for this forum for my phone
  7. iv been reading these forums for awile and i figured id join and i cant wait for halo 4 in 2 days GETSOME!!!!
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