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  1. Nice find! I shall use this when I am making my evil lair. Muah.. MUAHAHAHHAA.
  2. I would do some sort of interview process. Maybe a contest... why they need Halo 4 or why they should get it. Plan B is to give it to charity.
  3. I hope I do, also. I think I will!
  4. Hey all! I actually just found this forum and would like to say hello and tell my story of how I found Halo and got to where I am today. Hey everyone, I am SeeJay. My favorite video game series is Halo (shocker) and I love playing online. I enjoy having a fun time on Halo 3/Reach and soon to be Halo 4. I have been playing Halo for about 11 years now and haven't gotten tired of it for one bit. Halo CE: The way I found Halo is a bit strange... My good friend and I were playing in his yard when we were around six years old. We were playing pretend where you pretend you are a character from fictions of things. Pretty much anything you wanted to be, you could be. I chose to be a soldier because I thought they were awesome. Whilst I chose the soldier, my friend chose a "hunter". I believed he meant the animal-hunting hunter. I was wrong. He explained it was from a video game called Halo: Combat Evolved. He then offered to show me said game and I agreed. Within minutes I was hooked. I told my parents about the game and they bought an Xbox (Original) for my brother and I to play Halo. Halo 2: I remember before we got Halo 2, my mother bought my brother and I individual Xbox's so we wouldn't have to share. On the night of November 8th 2004 I was very tired but I couldn't sleep due to my sheer excitement for Halo 2. My brother and father picked up the game at midnight. I got the Limited Edition that had a aluminum case that was amazing. I remember not being able to play it until about 8 o'clock because I was up way too early and didn't get any sleep. My brother and I beat the game in about 10 hours throughout the day. The amazement went on when Xbox LIVE was introduced. I can still hear the snotty 17 year old kids calling me a squeaker because of my age even though I still whooped them in the behind. I have so many memories from that game I cannot even begin to count. Halo 3: It was my 5th grade year and my friend (not the same one as before) and I were eagerly anticipating the release of Halo 3. We played pretend during recess and wanted to believe that we were Spartans. The night before I couldn't sleep. My brother picked it up alone without my father because he was of-age and had his car. He got the Standard Edition while I got the Legendary Edition. Around 3 o'clock in the morning I found my brother playing Halo 3 on the level "The Ark". As he played I went downstairs to view my glorious Master Chief helmet. I basked in it's glory. I thought I was dreaming. In my tiny eyes I thought it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I still have it on the desk right next to me. I then could rest easy because I knew I had Halo 3 in my hands. Halo 3: ODST: 7th grade year. It was the first time I had ever went to a midnight release for Halo. It was amazing. They had trivia that I answered all correct and I was first in line. We came at 7:00 PM and stayed for 5 hours. We were dedicated. As soon as I got home, I played that game until my eyes gave out and started to bleed. The atmosphere in that game was sheer awesomeness. I never did quite understand why people hated that game. Halo: Reach: This was my second midnight launch for Halo. I prepaid off the Halo: Reach Limited Edition Console because my black one was getting quite old. I was so excited. We got there at around 6:00 PM to get in line first. We waited and waited and met some nice guys that were purchasing the game, too. The console made me happier than a drunken Irishmen. I got home plugged it in and played until we last saw Jorge. The next day, Forge mode and the multiplayer options astounded me as to the customization options that the game provided. The game may not have been the best but I sure loved the console. It is working fine and I am still using it today and will be using it on Halo 4. TL:DR I played Halo since I was 6 and was very dedicated to the game as I stayed home for all of the releases. When I was old enough I went to the midnight releases. There is my Halo Life in a nutshell. I hope you liked it. Share your stories below. See you on Halo 4!
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