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  1. Ugh. Won't let me put it in my sig, is there a way you guys can do it?
  2. I really appreciate this, guys. Especially because I know someone who has Breast Cancer. It won't let me copy my sig in here... Ugh
  3. I don't know if all of you remember me, but I was pretty active in the months leading up to H4. Well, I have decided to come back!
  4. I'm really not the rushing kind of guy, so mainly what I do is I first make 4 supply pads, 2 reactors and one (Vehicle Depot, Air pad or Barracks). I like to upgrade my supply pads then start upgrading and training my units to attack rebel bases.
  5. It doesn't relate to Halo 5, I just can't find a better place to put the topic.
  6. Alright, so I recently saw the new Halo Spartan Assault trailer and honestly, I'm a bit let annoyed. I understand that Microsoft is trying to get people to buy and use windows products instead of Apple's products, but what about the Halo Fans who have Apples! I'm not buying a windows phone just to play Halo Spartan Assault! I know 343 is trying to expand their series onto the Smartphone industry, but I think it is a bad idea not to release it on the Iphone or Mac, considering how many people own them. Also, if you look closely you will see that there are Grizzly tanks, Wolverines and even the Halo Wars brute chieftan. I'm going to be even more upset if they don't give us a reason why Machines and Characters from 29 years in the past have decided to make a return.
  7. The reason I controlled him was because I thought he was gone for a week. This is my first RP actually, I thought when he said "Do not post here until you have signed up here;" he mean't once I posted my character there I was good to go. And I just want to say, you don't have to be so mean about it.
  8. Thank Brony Swag, thats who made it.
  9. There. I expanded my history. Now can you not ignore my posts?
  10. Expanded History : He grew up in a small town on the planet Harvest, he was born into the job of being a farmer, but once the War started he quickly joined the UNSC and rose to the rank of Corpral, he earned that rank in a firefight with a few other ODSTs, he put his life on the line to let the others get to the objective. He almost died that day.
  11. "ODST Trooper 453 Reporting for duty, anything you need help with?" Before the Captain could answer, a Marine shouted "WOAHWOAHWOAH! CAPTAIN WE'VE GOT TROUBLE!". Alex walked over to the Marine to see what he wanted. "Radar shows hundreds of covies heading towards us!" He said. Captain Jacob walked over to take a look. "Do we have enough men and firepower to hold them off, Captain? Or should we just evacuate?" Alex asked. Alex and the Marine looked at the Captain who looked in deep thought.
  12. The first pelican landed, and out of it jumped Corpral Alexander Cooper, the ODST. He rested his DMR on the ground and helped some of the wounded and shocked marines board the Pelican, once that was done he picked his DMR back up and walked into the remains of the command centre where Captain Jacob was.
  13. Name : Alexander Cooper Rank : Corpral Tag : 453 Marine or ODST : ODST Appearance : Brown hair, plain face and a little above the height of the average man Armor : Basic ODST armor, his secondary armor color is orange, he has a few extra bullets strapped to his right shoulder. Weapons : Sniper Rifle and Battle rifle. Specialty : Expert at long ranged combat. History : Once he heard that the war had started, he made it his life goal to do what he could to help, so he joined the UNSC and quickly was made an ODST.
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