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  1. I dont see why we always fight about these 2 games!?!?!? I LOVE battlefield3 over MW3 a hole lot more! Yet you need to thing even though cod takes almost no skill and battlefield takes alot of skill and much teamwork. Plus you can use geometry to line of a headshot with scopes EVERY STILL shot and most moving. I love the teamplay the relism clans and the relism+ destruction vehicles and cant wait for the ARmoured kill map pack with the biggest bf3 map witch will also be the biggest FPS map in the history of gaming. I love the teamwork the revives supply kits medkits and the balance the game has. Ya its usas frag rounds wasnt that fair but they fixed it. Along with the m26 mass as well. MW3 Is a fast paced customizable arcade casual ALMOST no skill FPS, thats the same thing over and over MW3 Is a copy of 1 while MW2 is a copy of 1. So theres no different feel to the game as you play it. Its the same thing over and over and over and over again. Fun with friends but extremly boring alone. The clans and battles do not require skilled tactics but everything noob you can think of. Those who dont want to fell like they have to try or be good at FPS's or are new to FPS's should START with cod and go to halo or BF3 later. I mean look at the statistics MW3 sold 6.5 million copies to just xbox and within 2 weeks 3.5 of those were returned to the gamestop. While bf3 sold 2 million and gained 3.2 million players 1 month after MW3 came out meaning on xbox and ps3 bf3 has 5.2million players all together not just online but offline as well. Cod itself is just a arcade casual almost no skill game. For those who dont have to try even a little I say go to MW3 for its stunning 60 Frames per second and crappy graphics. If you want to also hear a bunch of 5 year olds screaming in your ear all day MW3 is perfect for you. If you want to hear people 16 and older go to bf3 where older wiser and less retarded people go. Even halo has less 5 year olds than Cod because halo attracts 11-25 yr old people while cod attracts 9-16 yr old people and bf3 attracts 13-50 yr old people. I kid you not I have seen many 40 yr olds and 50 yr olds play bf3. 40-50 Yr olds usually dont like video games. So theres your rep. BF3 all the way but there is still no reason to fight between a childs game (cod) and a older usually mature persons game (BF3) But when someone does use one in that game there's almost NO spray and theres 3Pixel recoil. BF3 casually tried to make the game, they could have tried 10x harder to make the game but instead of trying to push as hard as they can ever year to pop a game out there a**es. They spend the time to make the game good and the spend the time to update the game and put amazing map packs into it. There is a reason im not excited for Call of booty Black ***** II. Medal of honor will ruin the charts of cod itself, just you wait and see haahah I know you love your mw3 game and I get that i used to be a cod/bad co 1/halo player. I have up on cod 9 months threw mw2 then went to bad co 2 for a while only to buy mw3 and sell in in 4 weeks and already be 4th prestige. I just dont like how easy the game is, I mean its really awesome with friends but its just to boring and easy alone. Seek and destroy is kinda challenging
  2. Im thinking for custom games airstrikes, before you go "nay" or "yay" here me out! think of being able to get a little laser lock on thingy like the orbital strike thing from halo reach. To call in either A: Longsword dual 500lb bomb. B: 3 pelican strafe run. or C: a ammo/vehicle dropp strike You forge a map right, and you want a scorpion. Think of having a laser designator that you aim and let a pelican fly in and drop your scorpion off. Maybe even facing a banshee and calling in a Pelican strafe run on it and destroying it. You might be getting raped by a tank and you need to take it out quickly, Longsword dual 500lb airstrike. Instead of forging a random weapon spawn you can drop a weapon in and maybe have a random weapon drop or something. Need to balance the map/shake it up without random weapon spawn. Airstrikes and dropstrikes. Need a warthog, call it in from a dropstrike.
  3. I say in halo 4 forge, you should be able to adjust kill boundaries to where you can selected what team/teams are affected by it! Like if i want only blue team to be able to go through here but have red team stay back and find a diff way...etc etc, the possibilities are endless!
  4. Halo space battles, I have had that on my mind since halo 2! I really really badly want it to be possible, I dont care if its a map pack or not, halo spacebattles would kick ass! I would love to fly a longsword and totally rape a covy battleship in space to space combat!
  5. before I tell you about the thinking, I will admit im part of the cause, THINK BEFORE POSTING. Make sure you have gameinformer, or a vidoc (from 343) backing up what you say. I posted some things just by what other people say, and it wasnt something i should have done, and for the people who that bugs, im sorry! I say from now on wait till you get a gameinformer or a 343 vidoc! Please stop this madness! I love posting stuff and if you have a idea make sure everyone knows its a idea! This was made to make the forums more worth looking into! No offense to anyone whos done this, like I said ive done it.
  6. I would like it they had the ODST style of firefight. Just still give you a option to choose what is in the waves, and allow flood this time! haha that would be interesting!
  7. if you put in both then thers no need to compare, really spartan ops will be fun. but i stil want my firefight to! firefight brings good laugh and rage into it! it makes more fun than a campaign does. witch in realitity the spartan ops is just campaign ment for co-op not both single and co-op just co-op.
  8. counting all the rings when playing halo 2 you only get a glimps of 12. You destroyed 3 here goes for 8 more.
  9. I hear halo 4 wont have a firefight! I personally dont like this. Anyonelse? Imo Halo 3 ODST I only got because of the firefight, I was so happy they finally put a endless challenge to halo. They did so and It got my pulse racing when i placed it. because of the hunters ha ha always the d*mn hunters. halo anniversary added marines in the firefight, I liked that alot! A force that helps the cause.
  10. also set any spawns youve put in the map to king of the hill, just like you would with the hills
  11. you really think that i don't want change? I have always wanted change but I just dont feel 100% for the custom loadouts. I never said they were horrible. just they were a dumb idea, they way they made it seem was that it was going to ge put out similiar to cod. Now if you make it where you dont have to unlock them, rather you get all the weapons. (therefore its fair like normal) but then you can use your fav weapons like the needler, plasma pistol, br, dmr, plasma rifle, etc. etc. just not the power weapons. now i agree with your later posts I dont want Cod, im sorry for making fun of it, i used to play it! just it got boring after mw2. The battlefield way of doing it would be fine, amour abilities being the specs, and their bieng a BF3 amount of weapons. the change is good, just it needs a halo 3 feel but with a halo reach change. You know what im saying, I didnt mean for this forum to sound so evil to cod, and halo 4. or 343 I have more faith in 343 than bungie. Just its with the whole they made it look cod. Id like underslung grenade launchers or a custom scope. I just didnt think many people but my friend would have looked at this forum, so i didnt think it through enough, my bad!
  12. There aint no reason to be that way. It is a trend and halo may be catching up but I loved halo the first time i played it because. 1: you have to learn the weapon spawns on the maps. 2: you have to beat everyone else to the powere weapons 3: if you fail, well then find a way to kill that them 4: you have a chance to kill someone evenly no matter what weapon you use 5: no chooseable loadouts No remember halo 3 was boss, and it was totally the ****! It was balanced and fun no matter what, I just say that they should return halo back to the halo 3 style mulitiplayer. With faster ranking of course.
  13. I dont think its impossible, just they dont want to spend the time making another set of codes to do it.
  14. my friend said 343 said stuff about this and posted on facebook about it, then i raged on here!
  15. I hear you can custimize loadouts in halo 4...NO I SAY NO. "halo was the most balanced mulitiplayer with forcing everyone use the same weapon and having to find the others now 343 is just following cod and has disgraced the name" ~Stryker Fredm~ I agree with him 100% I hate the way this is turning out, and I want to see who is with me, or against me, no hard feelings?
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