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  1. I am ready for it since I think there will be a lot more features to it when it comes out. Also I wonder if they will add more Achievements to it since the first expansion pass did not have any added at all.
  2. Nice and Awesome idea. I will put mine later on. *Reserved*
  3. I think I am missing the top 15. also how do u GSD Cookie one?
  4. Congrats Bubble, I hope the both of u do really good together.
  5. I wonder if they do add it, I wonder if it will be ranked or social.
  6. I think that would be Awesome and Fantastic if they did because the first one sold a lot of copies and a lot of people like it a lot since you get two travel to diffrent places in the Solar System and other stuff.
  7. I will keep an eye out for them to, but they can always copy the whole article and change the wordings on them.
  8. I can not believe this post has gotten 5 pages of replies. May this post live on.
  9. Bungie Releases Cryptic “Coming Soon” Video for Destiny. Source: http://www.gamespresso.com/360/bungie-releases-cryptic-coming-soon-video-for-destiny/ Video: I can not wait to see what it is about tomorrow I wonder what will they show about Destiny. I will post it when they post it. Also there is a 10 second video that you can watch which I posted as the video.
  10. New Gorgeous Halo 2: Anniversary Concept art. Sorce: http://www.gamespresso.com/news/new-gorgeous-halo-2-anniversary-concept-art/ Credit to: Alex Connellan for posting this on the website.
  11. I think that would be a Awesome and Fantastic game to play because I know there isn't a Futurama game. Also if they do they should make the character Lockable as you progress through the game you unlock. The first player you would play as would be Fry since he is one of the main characters in the show since it revolves around him. What do you think about this?
  12. I just got this idea in my head a little while ago: I wonder if they will implement nameplates in Halo 5, just like bungie did for Halo 2 and Halo 3. Since Halo 4 did not have any I wonder if Halo 5 will have it and also the Master Chief Collection to.
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