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  1. I had an idea for some skulls they could put in the Master chef Collection and Halo 4,5,and infinite when it comes out almost forgot Halo Reach if possible My Halo Skulls Ice Cube Skull Weapon never overheat Super Soldier Skull All soldiers are now spartans Sun Skull Any weapons that can be charged will charge automatically Commando Skull All weapons have infinite ammo and bottomless magazine Rapid Skull All weapons are rapid fire Energy Skull All abilities do not drain energy Super Strength You can do more damage when you melee an enemy and will not be slowed down when caring turrets Human Turret Skull All human weapons act like Human turrets Covenant Turret Skull All Covenant weapons act like Covenant turrets Forerunner Turret Skull All Forerunner weapons act like Forerunner turrets Turret Skull All turret have infinite ammo Scorpion Skull All weapons fire Scorpion Tank rounds Wraith Skull All weapons fire Wraith shots Phantom Skull All weapons fire Phantom shots Gauss Cannon Skull All weapons fire like a Gauss Cannon
  2. trent1986


    I hope that all of the emblems are available to use when you purchase the game I mean you didn't need to complete achievements or buy REQ packs to have emblems to use in Halo 2,3 and I think Halo Reach this bull **** with having to Complete Achievement for emblems did not start till Halo 4 and the REQ didn't start till Halo 5
  3. trent1986


    You no I think one of the biggest problems with Halo 5 was the Warden as a boss they over used the Warden I mean come on you end up fighting him like 7 times I think or more if they wanted bosses in the game you need different ones instead of using the same one over and over again
  4. trent1986


    Does any one here no how to get in contact with people at 343 Industries
  5. Some are saying we should have customization like in Halo Reach In Halo Infinite It sounds good to me as long as they don't make it a pain in the but it was almost in possible to rank up in Halo Reach in less you played online and was really good at it which I don't do a lot of because I suck at it so much War Zone in Halo 5 is ok I am only ok on war zone Heroic though I was able to get about 10,000 point in one of the campaign levels on Heroic in Halo Reach until some ass hole applied some sort of code then the most I could get was 600 and some I am guessing this code affected every one
  6. trent1986


    Why did they get rid of the Pink Cloud of death
  7. I do not no what every one else thinks but it think that we should be allowed to carry 96 + what is in the Needler like in Halo Reach and the same goes for the assault rifle you could carry 600 + what was in the gun in Halo CE why is it the guns in the later Halo games carry less don't get me wrong I like the design of the weapons but the ammo we can carry sucks and they need to give the Neddler backs its pink cloud of death In fact all the weapons ammo needs to be restored to its former glory
  8. trent1986


    Witch way do you all think the story should go in Halo Infinite
  9. I hope they Massively increase the amount of ammo we can carry for the shotgun because they Massively down graded it in Halo 5 also the needler ammo need to be upgraded and the pink cloud of death needs to come back what do you all think also it would be nice if we could carry three weapon instead of two even if it is only a pistol or something
  10. I don't know what you all think about Halo Reach to me it is a good game but Bungie had to screw with how you rank up in the game I mean the only way to really rank up is by playing online now that is all well and good if you are really good at online playing witch I am not there was one level I could get any where for 8,000 to 10,000 but after Bungie changed what ever it was I can only get around 600 and some
  11. I was wondering if any one here might be able to help me with a problem I am having with my Xbox One Xbox One will not finish updating I did put in a new disc drive because the original stopped working would this keep my Xbox One from completely updating properly
  12. I was wondering if any one here might be able to help me with a problem I am having with my Xbox One Xbox One will not finish updating I did put in a new disc drive because the original stopped working would this keep my Xbox One from completely updating properly
  13. In my copy of the Master Chief Collection the bandana skull in Halo 2 gives me infinite ammo for most of the weapons but for some reason weapons like the Plasma Rifle, Plasma Sword, Plasma Pistol, and Sentinel Beam it does not I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it didn't fix anything Anyone have another solution that might work
  14. trent1986

    need help

    Ok so i no this is not halo related but i can not find any where else iinformation on why I can not play as ray in mighty no 9 even tho I defeated her if anyone here knows please reply
  15. Ok so I was playing my Xbox One and a blue outline shows up so every time I am selecting something there is this Annoying Voice I do not no how it got turned on I need to no hoe to turn it off
  16. Does Any One No Why In The Hell The Bandana Skull In Halo 2 Does Not Give All Covenant Weapons Infinite Ammo It Is Called The Bandana Skull For A Reason Not The Half Ass Bandana Skull If They Are Going To Half Ass Things They Should Mark It As Such
  17. How do I get to the redeem code section on the Xbox One lost my instruction manual and can not find the redeem code section Never Mind must have been a glitch
  18. Ok I got the halo master chief collection and I see I am able to use the bandana skull in Halo 2 but do not now how that is possible because I did not pre order the game not that I am complaining I am just wondering how that is possible. I also noticed the bandana skull does not give you infinite ammo for the plasma weapons in Halo 2
  19. I know that almost everybody if not everybody likes the Master Chief's Amor including myself but I think it is about time he gets an upgrade I mean come on guys its Halo 5. And a another thing is I noticed that they seem to lower the ammo on some weapons in the past I hope they don't do it any more the Neddler is a perfect example it held 80 in the First Halo and in Halo 4 it only held 44 and what relly doesn't make sense is in Halo Reach it held 96 so why does the Neddler in Halo Reach hold more ammo and why does the neddler in a Halo game that take plase 4 years after Halo 3 hold less. Oh one more thing i had an idea what do you guys think of a double barrel automatic shotgun
  20. Dumb Stuff they did in Halo fist and for most Is down grading the Plasma Pistol and Human Pistol which every one knows the second thing is that you need to have halo waypoint to watch the terminals you find in the game they can put these on the disc if they wanted to I mean if you have internet you can watch them but if you are like my friend who doesn't have internet because he can not afford it then you are pretty much screwed and if they can not make it fit on the game disc then put the videos on a second disc I have know clue what they are thinking but for people who can make a game like Halo they are a bunch of Dumb Assess
  21. One Be able to rank up in Halo 4 when plating in the Campaign Two Be able to watch the terminals with out needing Halo Waypoint Three Bring back the Plasma Pistol and Pistol from Halo Combat Evolved But Unfortunately That Probably Will not Happen
  22. I Have A Question I Heard That The Xbox One Needs A Extra Attachmate To Play Regular DVDs But I Thought A Blue Ray Was Able To Play Both Regular DVDs And Blue ray DVDs The Playstation 3 Has A Blue ray Player And It Can Play Both
  23. Why did Microsoft make the Xbox One I do not think we need another game system just more games for the ones that we have the Xbox 360 was good enough I do not have room for a bunch of game systems and paying $500 or $400 dollars for another game system is crazy but if I want to keep playing the Halo games I need a Xbox One and that really Sucks and Microsoft Double Sucks for making the Xbox One
  24. I think they should do a Halo 2 Anniversary and change some thinkings what do you think List of what I would change in Halo 2 Improved Graphics Put the Needler in from Reach because it cared more ammo in that game The Brute Shot Halo 3 because it cared more ammo in this game The Beam Rifle, and Fuel Rod Gun from Halo 2 because they cared more ammo in this game The Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Magnum, and Assault Rifle from Halo Combat Evolved because they cared more ammo in this game A Battle Rifle that you can switch between signal fire and triple fire The Indestructidle Warthog Longer lasting Invisibility Cloak for the Arbiter And some Extra Levels And Give the Pistol and Plasma Pistol there power back from Halo Combat Evolved
  25. You no I have noticed that every time they make a new Halo game they down grad the amount of ammo on some weapons in Halo Reach the Neddler held 96 ammunition In Halo 4 it only holds 44 I liked the amount of ammunition the Neddler held in Halo Reach they should fix it because the amount of ammo it hold in Halo 4 sucks and if they do not fix they also suck
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