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February Brings Gametypes!


More Gametypes On The Way!




If you haven't noticed the monthly updates of armors, weapons and even maps, 343industries has been launching new content every month as previously promised, (Lasting till at least June 2016). Last month we saw Infinity's Armory give us Riptide, and Urban and a couple of pretty cool weapons and armor, but something that the community has been long asking for was their cherished custom games and gametypes.


Well this month 343i is delivering. The February update will launch with the famous, Grifball gamemode and Assault gamemode, which will be playable via multiplayer and customs.


343 had called on Grifball enthusiast Jeffery "Nokyard" Fischer to help design and test the new Grifball gameplay.


"Nok worked with our Weapons Designer, Daniel Wiksten, on trying to get the damage and impulse blast of the hammer to feel right. This collaboration helped us hammer out (pun intended) the delicate balance of Gravity Hammer vs. Sword vs. Ball that Grifball so heavily relies upon. We leveraged Nokyard's wealth of Grifball knowledge to try to make the most exciting Grifball yet, complete with thrusting Grif, Ground Pound kills, and ball throwing. Playing Grifball during playtests over the last few months has been some of the most fun we have had in the new building." - Multiplayer Designer Max Grossman


A popular gametype, designed by the same people that love playing it, holds promise. Assault, like I mentioned will also be seeing a comeback. It'll be a neutral bomb in multiplayer at launch, although there is always room for additional variants to be added. In addition to that, there will be a plethora of options available for the experienced, and inexperienced forger to create other great gametypes, utilizing the new gameplay style in Halo 5 given the new abilities.


Fiesta will also be making a return so now we may be able to finally make a proper Ro Sham Bo map...


This update is set to launch towards the end of the month.



What are you most excited about?

What are you worried about?

How bad was my grammar?



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